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Championship Tie Breakers
September 11, 2014, 2:48 pm
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It’s all very tight at the top following the Essex victory this morning. Worcs seemed to be losing but (shortly after tea, day three) their eighth wicket has reached 100*. If Surrey don’t win that they are just about out of it, which would leave Hants with two to go plus Worcs to play Essex (who also play Leics). What happens if teams finish level? The tie breakers in order are

  • most wins
  • fewest losses
  • team achieving most points in contests between teams level on points
  • most wickets taken
  • most runs scored

Essex won number five this morning, Hants have won six and Worcs seven. Hants have lost one, Worcs and Essex two. Worcs are ahead of Hants on points in games between the two sides, but Hants are ahead of Essex. It looks then as though Hants should finish ahead of Essex on tie breakers but probably not ahead of Worcs.

More Sussex by the Sea
September 11, 2014, 1:56 pm
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Sussex have done a very good job of celebrating their 175th anniversary with a Dinner, a forthcoming lunch at the House of Lord’s, an increasingly impressive Museum and a fine pictorial history of the county – fewer words and facts than ours but a really impressive range of photos which almost a Museum catalogue. The book is £20 and among the delights is this, which is as much Hampshire as Sussex – it’s from a match at Horsham in 1925 which the home side won:

Sussex v Hants 1925 Horsham

Chasing Promotion – Wednesday Evening
September 10, 2014, 6:37 pm
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Kent have been poor recently, although Essex obligingly collapsed and missed two batting points. It won’t rain, so Essex will win tomorrow and I have therefore given them 22 points. Kent are virtually stuffed and out of it (they could reach 214 points but …)

Surrey have maximum bonus points today so it’s a moot point now whether we would like Worcs to bat for two days for a draw (thereby depriving Surrey of 11 points) or whether we would like Worcs to lose. If Surrey win, they still have the remotest hope of going up but it also gives us a better chance of the Division Two title.

So, here’s the situation after Day Two of four

Worcs in 15th game: 219 pts (max possible 259)

Hants Played 14: 207 pts (max possible 255)

Essex Played 14: 185 pts (max possible 233)

Surrey in 15th game: 183 pts (max possible 223)

Unless Surrey lose v Worcs (unlikely) they will move ahead of Essex either with five points for the draw or 16 for the win. If they draw, their max possible will become 212, just five ahead of Hampshire at present.

Next week’s fixtures: Hants v Kent, Leics v Essex, Surrey v Derbys

Final week’s fixtures: Essex v Worcs, Glams v Hants

Because of two of the remaining fixtures, Worcs v Surrey and Essex v Worcs, the maximum possible figures for those three sides cannot all occur. If one side wins, the other side in that match loses 16 of the maximum possible points. If the match is drawn then both sides lose 11 pts from the maximum possible. This is broadly good news although it does mean our rivals cannot all lose all their remaining games!

PS – please do check my figures and alert me to any glaring errors. I hope there are none.

Next ball (at Hove)
September 10, 2014, 6:11 pm
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Two men, Joyce and Anderson were pretty impressive today and even Joyce was dropped on five by the very unimpressive Lancashire wicketkeeper (on today’s showing we have two, maybe four better ‘keepers at Hampshire). Otherwise these two sides did not show much evidence of the significant gap between the two Divisions which I keep hearing about on Sky and in the press. I believe it about Yorkshire and maybe Warwickshire and at the other end about Leicestershire and perhaps Glamorgan and Gloucestershire but I reckon there’s a mass of ordinary teams in the middle and Hampshire are as good as most of them.

I took a few pictures including a couple when I should have kept shooting!

Anderson to Wells

In the first over Anderson has Luke Wells turned around. Next ball he was caught behind

Anderson to Joyce

After tea (i’m now at the Sea End) Joyce pushes Anderson for a single. Next ball he dismissed Cachopa. That was 247-3 and for the second day, Lancashire woke up late and had the best of the last session, as they reduced Sussex to 303-7. It was less that one side was dominant, and rather more that the other side was losing quicker (which is a quote from a rather nice but very obscure Gene Hackman 1970s movie called Night Moves). 



Ajmal at Worcester
September 9, 2014, 8:31 pm
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I’m not obsessive about this and I can’t really see any way of taking retrospective action (nor am I sure that should happen) but it is interesting to consider how much of an impact he had on their season – not simply in the number of wickets but especially in five of their seven victories.

Worcestershire’s first win v Kent in April (by 125 runs) was achieved without him. He arrived in late April and in their victory by an innings over Derbyshire he took 4-60 & 4-40 (8-100). Then came the following wins:

Essex, won by 72 runs – 6-75 & 7-19 (13-94)

Leics, won by 234 runs – 1-46 & 6-19 (7-65)

Glams, won by 249 runs – 5-106 & 7-34 (12-140)

Leics, won by 204 runs – 4-66 & 3-81 (7-147)

Overall in those five victories then, Ajmal took 47 wkts for 546 runs at 11.62.

After he left, Worcs beat Gloucs by 8 wkts but then lost to Gloucs and Derbys and they are not on top after today’s game v Surrey – with only Essex to come. 

Hampshire with six victories are the only other Div 2 side to win more than four matches to date.

Day One – Revised Positions
September 9, 2014, 3:47 pm
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It’s not yet close-of-play but the first innings of Worcs and Kent are done. Kent took no batting points and Worcs just two (helps our chances of the title), while Essex and Surrey both took three bowling points (maximum)

So – the revised table after those two first innings, and mainly in terms of maximum possible points, looks like this (now we need a flurry of Essex wickets):

Worcs – Max Possible 259 (216 pts tonight)

Hants – Max Possible 255 (207)

Surrey – Max Possible 223 (178)

Essex – Max Possible 235 (166) 

Kent – Max Possible 220 (153)

I will update each day although I’m off to sit in a Hove deckchair tomorrow in anticipation of watching one of our opponents for next season (but which one?)

Incidentally some weeks ago I pondered how many points Worcs should surrender for employing a wicket-taking thrower. I’m not sure I was entirely in jest, especially after today’s news.

PS: Kent are taking Essex wickets this evening and already have one more bowling point (so 154 points) 




Surrey backing Hampshire
September 8, 2014, 2:58 pm
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The BBC website reporting that KP won’t play for Surrey in their last two games:

“I was only going to play for Surrey if we had a realistic chance of gaining promotion. Now that’s gone, I’m not playing,” he tweeted. Surrey director of cricket Alec Stewart told local radio that, with their hopes of promotion slim, they favoured giving younger players experience”. (BBC)

With the weather apparently set fair, maybe Surrey could enjoy a low scoring win over Worcestershire to improve our chances of the title. In the other match it seems likely that either Kent or Essex will be out of it by the weekend. A draw, even high scoring, and both Essex and Kent will be in a position similar to Surrey right now.



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