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We Will Remember Them
September 28, 2014, 7:15 pm
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Richard Gay and his sister Josephine unveil our new Honours Board, recording the 29 Hampshire cricketers who gave their lives in the First or Second World War:

Hons Board veiled

Josephine & R GayHons Bd revealed

Josephine & Richard Gay 2

A Happy Event
September 28, 2014, 9:40 am
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At 5pm last night, before the dinner we had a double ceremony in what is now to be known as the Arlott Atrium with the unveiling of a tribute to John and also the unveiling of a new Honours Board to the 29 Hampshire cricketers who died in the two World Wars. There will be more photos later but this is a rather nice shot of Timothy Arlott, John’s son and biographer saying a few words before he and his brother Robert (right) unveiled the tribute:


Among the people in the photo are a number of former players whose names are on the walls in quotes from John, including in the front row Alan Rayment Denis Baldry, David Blake*, Bob Stephenson, behind them Mike Taylor and Bryan Timms while Alan Castell can just be seen ‘behind bars’. The two boys seen either side of Timothy are John’s grandsons. There are a number of Committee members and Vice Presidents including Andrew Renshaw, editor of the recent Wisden book of WWI obituaries and Peter Marshall who worked with John. Both are former editors of the Hampshire Handbook. Standing left with Andrew is Stuart Robertson of the Ageas Bowl – he is planning a special Arlott event for members at the start of next season.

*David Blake’s brother John was a Royal Marine Commando, killed in action. John’s name is the last one on the new Honours Board

Leo, Alan, Tim

Leo Harrison (left) and Tim Tremlett (right) are hidden in the photo above, but here they are with Alan Rayment after the unveiling. Behind, Ann Gammie talks with Richard Gay who are both descendants of RWF (Wilfred) Jesson one of our WWI casualties (left is Jim, Ann’s husband)

Player of the Year
September 28, 2014, 8:06 am
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At the Awards Dinner last night his team-mates voted Will Smith Players’ Player of the Year. James Vince won the batting award and James Tomlinson and Matt Coles shared Bowler of the Year


‘Tommo’ looked at his brand new best!


More later folks – (busy day today)

The MOST Significant?
September 27, 2014, 7:13 am
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In 1961 we won the County Championship, our first trophy. In 2012 we did the ‘double’ (40 and 20 overs) which were the 12th and 13th trophies in our history. Then, as we lost three consecutive semi-finals last year and this year I began to wonder whether we were stuck on Unlucky 13 – but we weren’t! 1961 will always be a very special year, proving that we could compete with the ‘big boys’ but in one respect our Division Two title is the most significant because (excluding the miserable Champions League experience) it is the only one that has a major impact on the following year. 

JV & team

James Vince (left) passed 1,500 runs this year, after John Crawley (2006) only the second man to do so since we moved grounds (2001) and the two divisions were created (2000). He passed 2,000 runs in all competitions.

September 27, 2014, 5:56 am
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David Morgan (former Chairman, ECB) presents the Trophy which will be on display this evening at the Awards Dinner, where the easy choice will be batsman of the year but what about bowler, young player (uncapped) and Player of the year?

David Morgan presents



(Good job I took a change of clothes to Cardiff!)

Follow That
September 26, 2014, 7:06 pm
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I suggested a couple of days ago that Hampshire probably would and probably should bat again and Kevan James said the same on BBC, but over the past two days I was intrigued to hear the number of people who disagreed and couldn’t believe we hadn’t enforced the follow-on. With the benefit of hindsight it would be easy to claim that Hampshire got it right, but I agree with Kevan that Hampshire have been well run this year and despite the fact that he’s still getting to know the club and team I think Dale Benkenstein deserves a good deal of credit.

He was probably very influential in the follow-on decision but I was interested in a couple of historical precedents. One came from hearing that Mark Nicholas had sent a congratulatory text but had also raised the question of the follow-on. But Mark was captain when Hampshire suffered their only Championship defeat ever after enforcing a follow-on (v Essex at Bournemouth 1992), while Jimmy Adams and James Tomlinson were both in the Hampshire team at the Rose Bowl that beat Glamorgan in 2003 after following-on. I wonder whether they recalled that when making their decision?

Dale Simon Steve

Dale Benkenstein interviewed yesterday by Steve Wilson (Portsmouth News) and Simon Walter (Echo)

2nd Innings: Cooke lbw Tomlinson 5
September 26, 2014, 6:13 pm
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Glamorgan’s 3rd wicket falls, just before lunch

Cooke lbw Tomlinson Cooke lbw JT 2 JT's wicket


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