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The Only Century?
August 23, 2012, 7:50 pm
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It appears that the only Hampshire century in the match at Leicester came yesterday when the three overs lost to the weather took their total to about six minutes past 100 hours for the season. It’s a pity it didn’t rain for all four days, although Hampshire had all the luck against Essex, Kent and Northants so maybe it’s finally run out.

I suppose the next century (or two) may come tomorrow with the size of the defeat.

Meanwhile after that wonderful last weekend, things look bleak for the weather in Cardiff on Saturday.

To the Final?
August 23, 2012, 8:03 am
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Kent’s victory over Yorkshire makes things clearer in the CB40. If Hampshire beat Durham in their final match they are through to the Semi Finals. If they don’t they cannot finish as the best placed runners up.

If they lose to Durham they can still top the table. They will have equal victories/defeats with Surrey and Somerset overall and head-to-head. A narrow defeat will help Hampshire’s run-rate and a narrow victory for Somerset over Surrey should secure top spot

As for the Championship, I have much sympathy with the views of Peter and Bob (Comments). Follow on? I suspect Hoggard wanted a rest!

I would add that while two divisions has improved standards to some degree it’s perhaps also why we’re seeing nothing of Briggs (and Vince). So many teams chasing titles, promotion or avoiding relegation opt for that extra experience (Katich, McKenzie, Shafayat, Kabir Ali etc) instead of developing young talent. I don’t blame the coaches as their job is on the line too – two thoughts/questions:

1. If this Hampshire side went up how ready are they for life back in Division One?

2. Would another year in Division Two be so awful? We’ve had more exciting matches in 2012 than for years previously

It’s a disappointing week but to be in contention in all three competitions in the last week of August is a fine achievement

Going Up?
August 22, 2012, 2:20 pm
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It’s halfway through day two at Leicester and not much fun for Hampshire or their supporters. After that wonderful weekend, things have taken a turn for the worse – not only there but with Surrey’s emphatic victory over Glamorgan last night which adds to the CB40 pressure.

Despite the fine fourth day batting to beat Northants, things are not entirely smooth in the Championship. In the last two matches, Hampshire ‘inserted’ their opponents and Northants from 98-5 reached 356 as did Leicestershire who were 43-3. Gloucs who were 85-4 made 271 while Hampshire seem to be heading for a fourth consecutive first innings which fails to reach 300. It’s not promotion form but they are very resilient so perhaps, as in 1895, 1922 and 2003 they will follow on and win?

Championship run-in
August 21, 2012, 8:33 am
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Hampshire have their fate in their own hands now (weather permitting). They start a match in Leicester today, then meet Essex at the Ageas Bowl in two weeks time followed by a potentially thrilling finale at Derby.

Derbyshire who are top, play Northants today and Essex next week then finish with matches against two other contenders, Kent (Canterbury) and Hampshire. Kent also meet Leicestershire at Leicester and Glamorgan at Cardiff. Yorkshire meet Gloucs at lovely Scarborough next week then Glamorgan at Leeds and finally visit Chelmsford.

Let’s hope the rain stays away

Meanwhile in the CB40, Surrey meet Glamorgan at the Oval this evening in their match in hand over Hampshire. If Surrey win both matches they can finish ahead of Hampshire on points. Somerset can finish level (but they play Surrey in each team’s final game). However Somerset can only match Hampshire’s number of wins, they each won one of the two head-to-heads and Hampshire’s run-rate is currently significantly better than the chasing teams ….

Add a T20 Finals Day and it’s all rather thrilling!

Incidentally, since promotion and relegation was introduced in 2000, three teams have won promotion plus a one-day trophy (Glams, Gloucs, and Surrey last year) but no team has done so while going up as Champions.

August 18, 2012, 5:53 pm
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Simon Katich hits the winning run, less than an hour ago. All kinds of things might be said but it was the third thrilling Championship win at the Ageas Bowl this season, the captain led from the front and even though we weren’t brilliant throughout, we were this afternoon, we won and no one else at the top of the table did – and the sun shone!


PS (Sunday morning). Over the past three or four years championship cricket at the Rose Bowl had become increasingly dull – lots of draws and not generally close things either. This year, despite the awful weather we’ve had three thrilling finishes in seven games , two wins and the Kent draw. It must be the luck of the new name – in fact you could say that since it became the Ageas Bowl, everything’s coming up ROSES!

Call the Commentators
August 18, 2012, 9:59 am
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We’re on air today and can be found (ball-by-ball) on the Hampshire CRicket website. The umpires/teams are just walking out and it could be an interesting day although the favourites will be draw, then Northants. Let’s hope for miracles and an improved Hampshire performance throughout the day. If you have comments or questions log on to this site and make a Comment.

Lots of weather
August 17, 2012, 9:31 pm
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Two shots from the Northants match – (top) lunchtime day one and a deluge from which the ground recovered sufficiently quickly to get half-a-day’s play and (today), the rainbow this afternoon when a large storm cloud skirted the north east side of the ground. A little later the players went off for a brief shower but no overs were lost.

The Nervous Nineties
August 16, 2012, 9:17 pm
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My recording of the hours lost to weather by Hampshire in the Championship took an odd twist this evening when the players went off in bad light, after 6pm

There were seven overs remaining and (as noted below) Hampshire began the day just 30 minutes short of recording 100 hours lost in 2012. Since 16 overs should be bowled each hour those 30 minutes equal eight overs (3.75 minutes per over) so they finished today one over or 3.75 minutes short of the century!

From the start tomorrow (Friday) the time lost is now 99 hours 56.25 minutes.

Call the Commentators
August 16, 2012, 10:54 am
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Day Two v Northants

We’re on air (Beatport) if you want to send a message via the Comment facility (below)

It Just Won’t Do
August 16, 2012, 8:05 am
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As an old soul fan I’m feeling slightly playful in reporting that yesterdays loss of 48 overs in Hampshire’s game means the season’s total in the Championship is now ninety nine and one half hours. But as Wilson Pickett (& Eddie Floyd, Etta James, Dr Feelgood etc) knew that “just won’t do … gotta have a hundred”.

Well it’s raining in Portsmouth now so maybe today …