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Hampshire Handbook 2013
January 7, 2013, 10:53 am
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The new edition has just been signed off for printing so will be available in good time for the new season. It is more comprehensive than last year’s version with far fuller reports on last season and articles celebrating various anniversaries this year and anticipating the celebrations of our 150th

The history of the publication is as follows:

First published in 1885 as the Hampshire Cricketer’s Guide. Ran from 1885-1890. gap of one year then

Hampshire County Cricket Club Guide 1892-1895 then

Hampshire County Cricket Guide 1896-1910.

From 1911 it was often called “the Red Guide” and was published until 1939*. There was no publication in 1940 so the 1939 season was not covered

Nothing after the war until the Hampshire Handbook 1950 (referring to 1949 season). 1954 was not published for financial reasons until 1999. This was emphatically not a facsimile, merely the 1954 Handbook 45 years late!

There have been various ‘specials’, not least 1962 celebrating the first Championship title (1961) and 1963 celebrating the Club’s centenary. The size of the Handbook was enlarged in 1995 by editor Andrew Renshaw

*APOLOGY UPDATE. Stephen (Comment) is correct. I’m sorry, I knew that but left out a bit of the sentence! Sorry, not published during the two wars

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I am sorry, Dave, but you are not quite right here.
the Hampshire County Cricket Guide was only published 1911-1914 and 1920-1939. There were no publications 1915-1919.

Comment by Stephen Saunders

How much is a 1892 Hampshire County Cricket Club guide now worth ??

Comment by James Keeping

There is one on Amazon for £354.

Comment by Stephen Saunders

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