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January 16, 2013, 9:56 am
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This was a season of steady improvement over four matches. They began on 4 June with an innings defeat in their first first-class match at Lords v MCC. In that game Southerton bowled just five overs, 0-13 but in the next three matches he took 32 wickets.

They lost to Surrey at the Oval by 59 runs (9 July) after Surrey had followed-on, then in the return match v MCC at Day’s Ground a week later they lost by just 11 runs. Finally from 16-18 August they met Surrey again at day’s Ground and dismissed them for 85 (Southerton 7-49) after which Hampshire scored 281 with CF Lucas 135, Hampshire’s first first-class century. Surrey made 216 second time around and Hampshire’s 21-0 gave them a victory by 10 wickets.

Sadly, this would be their last first-class victory until 1875

Around this time the Committee agreed that the pay of the professionals “was not to exceed £5 a match” and the secretary was required to make arrangements with them “according to their expenses”

Hampshire’s victory in the Times
January 13, 2013, 3:00 pm
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It’s a little small perhaps but at least it’s here – Hampshire County Cricket Club’s first victory reported by The Times which also recorded that on the same day, the guns of HMS Victory fired  a salute in in Portsmouth Harbour – it was in fact in honour of a visit by the French fleet but we can imagine it was celebrating this famous win!

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Hampshire’s first win in a first-class match v Surrey at Antelope Ground (24, 25 August) on second day of three-day match

This was their third and final match of the season. They had previously lost to Middlesex and Surrey by an innings in 1865, so after six First-Class matches in their first two seasons they had lost all six.

Surrey 87 (Tubb 7-32)

Hampshire 96 (Lucas 43, Humphrey 5-26)

Surrey 101 (Jupp 39, Southerton 7-45)

Hampshire 93-2 (Lucas 58*)

Hampshire won by 8 wickets

January 12, 2013, 8:49 pm
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After the defeat v Sussex, there were three more matches:

Middlesex v Hampshire at Islington, 11, 12 July (3-day match)

H: 114 (Frederick 29 Catling 5-29) & 93 (Maturin 28, Hearne 4-43)

M: 245 (Cooper 89, Tritton 49)

Middlesex won by innings & 38 runs

Sussex v Hampshire at Hove, 11, 12, 13 August

S: 280 (Jas Lillywhite jun 105, Hyndman 58, EL Ede 4-79) & 33-0

H: 164 (GM Ede 52, Lillywhite 5-63, Ellis 5-71) & 148 (Holmes 71, Lillywhite 4-50)

Sussex won by 10 wickets

Hampshire v Middlesex at Southampton, 29, 30 August (3-day match)

M: 296 (Bayford 92, Walker 54, Case 45, Frederick 4-45) & 1-0

H: 163 (Frederick 37, Hearne 4-71) & 133 (Frederick 44, Catling 4-33)

Middlesex won by 10 wickets

In the latter two matches, Hampshire followed on

Full scorecards available on Cricket Archive

The First Match – 1864
January 10, 2013, 1:33 pm
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The first match as Hampshire County Cricket Club came in the season following the formation:

7, 8 July v Sussex at Day’s Antelope Ground, Southampton. The scores:

Hants 63 (Ridding 13, Lillywhite 5-22)

Sussex 185 (Smith 47, Fillery 35)

Hampshire 122 (Case 48, Lillywhite 5-58)

Sussex 1-0

SUSSEX won by 10 wickets

Hampshire: CF Lucas, JC Lord, H Holmes, GM Ede (captain), HT Frere (w/kpr), CH Ridding, EL Ede, W Humphrey, G Ubsdell, S Tubb, GH Case

Hampshire Handbook 2013
January 7, 2013, 10:53 am
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The new edition has just been signed off for printing so will be available in good time for the new season. It is more comprehensive than last year’s version with far fuller reports on last season and articles celebrating various anniversaries this year and anticipating the celebrations of our 150th

The history of the publication is as follows:

First published in 1885 as the Hampshire Cricketer’s Guide. Ran from 1885-1890. gap of one year then

Hampshire County Cricket Club Guide 1892-1895 then

Hampshire County Cricket Guide 1896-1910.

From 1911 it was often called “the Red Guide” and was published until 1939*. There was no publication in 1940 so the 1939 season was not covered

Nothing after the war until the Hampshire Handbook 1950 (referring to 1949 season). 1954 was not published for financial reasons until 1999. This was emphatically not a facsimile, merely the 1954 Handbook 45 years late!

There have been various ‘specials’, not least 1962 celebrating the first Championship title (1961) and 1963 celebrating the Club’s centenary. The size of the Handbook was enlarged in 1995 by editor Andrew Renshaw

*APOLOGY UPDATE. Stephen (Comment) is correct. I’m sorry, I knew that but left out a bit of the sentence! Sorry, not published during the two wars

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In accordance with Resolution Number 4 from the Meeting of 12 August a very fully attended General Meeting was held at the Antelope Inn Southampton at 10 am on Friday 11 September 1863

Colonel Tyson took the Chair and among those present were Captain Eccles, Captain Quinton, Captain GF Day and Messrs GE George, H Stewart, EL Ede, GM Ede, H Frere(?), E Hall, JW Lowe, J Frederick, WH Pearce, AS Thorndike, J Hunt, T Wells, F Lanchester, M Batchelor, A Dyer and RN Bernard(?) the Secretary of Surrey CCC

Thomas Chamberlayne was elected President, John Hunt Treasurer and GM Ede Hon Secretary. The Chairman read and proposed the rules. Vice Presidents elected: the Earls of Portsmouth and Uxbridge

The first match played by the newly formed Hampshire County Cricket Club would follow in the summer of 1864

12 August 1863
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A meeting was held at the Antelope Inn, Southampton on Wednesday 12 August 1863 “for the purpose of making the preliminary arrangements for the formation of a County Cricket Club”. The initial purpose was that ‘annual contests with Surrey, Sussex etc can be received and an organisation for the furthering and encouraging of games of cricket provided”.

Thomas Chamberlayne of Cranbury Park near Eastleigh was elected President and GM Ede Secretary. The Committee would include Col Bathurst, EL Ede, A Dyer, Henry Lees(?)*, Col Tyson, GM Ede and HG Green(?)*. They were charged to draw up Rules and Regulations and “submit the same to a General Meeting to be held at the Antelope Inn on Friday 11 September 1863”

That meeting was held (see next entry) and it was that September date that was celebrated as marking the precise centenary in 1963 with the start of the three-day match v MCC All-England at Northlands Road.

GM Ede was a famous amateur jockey who won the Grand National in 1868 but was killed in a racing accident two years later. EL Ede was his twin brother and became the club’s secretary, scorer and editor of the early Hampshire Cricket Guides – subsequently the Hampshire Handbook.

* The hand-written minutes held at the County Records Office in Winchester are very elegant but not always perfectly legible. 

Towards the Club (150 part 2)
January 4, 2013, 4:10 pm
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1833 saw the Publication of John Nyren’s Young Cricketer’s Tutor and The Cricketers of My Time, the latter recounting the tales of the great players of the previous century. This publication which was not generally replicated had a key role in establishing the reputation of Hambledon as a centre of 18th century cricket. It has been republished many times, most recently by Ashley Mote, a few years ago.

In 1842, Daniel Day became Manager of the Antelope Ground, the main Hampshire ground until 1884 and in 1846 he opened his new ground at Itchen

In 1847 Hampshire lost to Portsmouth (inc J Wisden) by 10 wickets and in the following year, William Clarke’s All England XI which had started in Nottingham played in the county for the first time v 14 of Hampshire at Day’s ground – there were similar matches 1849-51. (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Clarke_(cricketer)#The_All-England_Eleven)

In 1852 the United All-England XI – a breakaway side from Clarke’s – played 20 Gentlemen of Hampshire at Portsmouth’s East Hants Cricket Ground, Southsea (near Taswell Road) – it is no longer the site of a ground.

In 1855 there was the first match on the ground that became May’s Bounty, Basingstoke

In 1861 Hampshire played MCC with equal sides and in 1862 there were various matches v All England XI including Southampton Union at the Antelope Ground and East Hants Cricket Club in Southsea

Then, on 12 August and 11 September 1863 meetings were held which led to the formation of the Hampshire County Cricket Club. Their first matches were played in the following season

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I was very sorry to hear of his death yesterday. I was once in his company at the Rose Bowl and listened with considerable interest to his conversation with John Woodcock, but the only time I really met him was when I interviewed him (with an audience) at a West Meon book festival a couple of years ago, about his 100 Greatest book.

I have this morning read a tribute to him by Mike Selvey in the Guardian which is very affectionate (they were good friends) but refers regularly to CMJ’s famous ‘ability’ to be late or in the wrong place

Sure enough on the occasion of my interview I had to start the whole thing solo with a precis of his book while we waited anxiously to see whether/when he would arrive. Fortunately he was not too late on this occasion, did find the correct venue and spoke very well.  Afterwards a few of us shared supper in a local pub and he was delightful company. I’m very glad to have had that brief acquaintance with a lovely man and sorry indeed to learn of his illness and early death. RIP