Hampshire Cricket History

July 25, 2013, 8:00 pm
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Surrey have hammered Middlesex tonight which makes things clearer

Hampshire 11 points. To play: Essex, Kent, Middlesex. Maximum possible 17 points

Essex 11 points. To play: Hampshire, Surrey. Maximum 15 points

Surrey 10 points. To play: Kent, Essex. Maximum 14 points

Middlesex 10 points. To play: Hampshire. Maximum 12 points

So assuming the weather stays fair and no matches are tied, Hampshire remain in pole position.

Tomorrow evening either Essex or Hampshire will have 13 points, so Middlesex may still qualify but only in third place (if they beat Hampshire). If Hampshire win on Friday they will have qualified for the quarter finals and if Kent beat Surrey at the same time they will have secured a home quarter-final.


If Essex do get their maximum of 15 points they will have beaten (Hampshire and) Surrey who can therefore only get 12 points

If Surrey get their maximum of 14 points, they will have beaten Essex who can therefore only get 13 points

So Hampshire may qualify in second place with just one more win IF Essex beat Hampshire AND Surrey and Hampshire beat either Middlesex or Kent.


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Working out the permutations is rather more interesting than the actual Twenty20 cricket isn’t it?

Comment by SteveG


I prefer to watch ‘proper’ cricket, too, but even a purist couldn’t have failed to be impressed by Hampshire’s run-chase this evening, and it was watched by 7,000 people. Many of them will be back, but maybe not for a four-day game . . .

Comment by Bob Elliott

I think we should be celebrating the fact that some many people turn up to the T20 matches. It may not be as strategic a format as first class cricket, but it brings people to the ground, including children. Once they have enjoyed the thrill of being at one live match, I imagine that some of them do consider coming to a 40 over match or even a day of first class cricket. Maybe not all of them, but more than would do without the T20 format.
O the Sunday I took a friend’s son to watch the T20 match. He came away raving about the it and keen to watch another game. Had his first experience been a day at a county championship match, I doubt Hampshire would have gained another new new fan.

Comment by D

Yesterday’s run chase may have generated some excitement but I’m afraid watching batsmen slog sixes over short boundaries with handicapped bowlers simply doesn’t excite me.
Each to his own though.

I have no doubt T20 cricket makes money by attracting big crowds but then again so do concerts at cricket grounds.

I just wish the ECB would properly fund the counties rather than pay them a pittance for using their players and grounds whilst making millions from test cricket and driving the counties towards bankruptcy. Then we could have a proper championship season and not one starting in freezing early April (soon overseas?) which is then suspended for weeks on end during mid-summer for a couple of hours of slog cricket.

T20 cricket has its place but it shouldn’t dominate domestic cricket as it does and the counties shouldn’t be made to be so reliant on it. Cricket should be about more than just money.

Comment by SteveG

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