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July 27, 2013, 4:08 pm
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My profound apologies – Brian Cherry’s comment below is correct and I’ve been wrong all along. This is because a couple of years ago I got excited about run-rate until it was pointed out to me that results between teams took precedence.

Somewhere along the line I guess the ECB changed the regs and it is indeed net run-rate that counts now – currently Surrey are best, then Hampshire, then Essex

This change is of course sensible. It’s not dissimilar to Hampshire winning last night partly because Essex were fined six points or the way Hampshire won Finals Day in 2010 by scrambling a single when all the information on the ground was that they needed two. It means that while occasional spectators can be excited by events on the field, they are also easily fooled. We wouldn’t like things to be too straightforward. (It’s interesting too that while net run-rate is first tie-break over 20 overs, it’s number of wins in the 40 over game.)

It also means that it’s much harder still to predict who will finish where at the end of the season. I’ll stop fussing and get back to the history

(Incidentally talking of prediction, I’ve been intrigued by the weather forecast today. According to the BBC at various points during the day, Portsmouth has been covered in a deluge and thunder storms since about 7am. Ten hours later and we’ve not seen a drop of rain. Has anyone?)

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The time showing on these posts is always an hour slow in BST so I posted that at 5.08 pm. By 6pm it was indeed and at last pouring which pleased Mrs A, an avid gardener.

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