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November 25, 2013, 9:07 am
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Jonathan Trott – not just number three in the order but the third England cricketer to leave a tour with a stress-related illness

I have nothing but sympathy. About 15 years ago I was made redundant shortly after taking on a new mortgage. After six months of anxiety and on the verge of leaving my post, HR found me a new position at the University, taking on a recently created course which was in some chaos after those running the course walked away from too many frustrations. I didn’t care much because it was a lifeline but a couple of years later I had a brief period off work with a similar condition. It wasn’t a neurosis or a nervous breakdown, I was just wiped out – and possibly too old then to keep on top of so many new challenges.

It was a horrible experience – fortunately I got back to work reasonably quickly, found a new post a couple of years after that and enjoyed my last few years of full time work. Now I just do things part-time I find it hard to imagine that younger version of me that was in such a state – but like Trescothick, Yardy and Trott I had stopped functioning properly, I was not much use to people, many of whom depended upon me.

So I’m sorry to hear Trott’s story and I hope he will recover and at the very least enjoy a few more years of first-class cricket as it seems Trescothick and Yardy have done

But I think it’s time for those in charge of cricket to ask whether, in this high profile media saturated world, too much is being asked of young men who live their lives constantly under the spotlight. Would the world be a whole lot worse if we played just five Ashes Tests in 12 months and maybe fewer 50-over/20 over slogathons?

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Your candidness about your own experience is greatly respected. I concur with your final paragraph- appropriate action must be taken to stop this list of names from growing at an increasing pace.

Comment by Simon

Yes very brave of you to share that Dave. Have similar experience of someone in my family suffering in the same way.

Comment by Ian Pearce

As one who like you has experienced burnout or stress or work exhaustion (call it what you will), I share your wish that Trotty returns to the game as Tresco and Yardy have done.

In fact I am confident he will because many large organisations now have very good rehabilitation programmes in place and I take the ECB to be one such.

However, your last paragraph is the most telling – prevention would be so much better than cure and international cricket could definately do with a “less is more” approach to reduce the expectations placed on the players, especially by themselves.

Comment by D.L.Beard

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