Hampshire Cricket History

March 28, 2014, 10:11 am
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And I must nip out for a haircut – have to look smart for the new season, but I’m watching a man described by the commentator as a “free spirit”, Glenn Maxwell whose current strike rate is 230 (23* from 210 balls). We’ve already seen Watson come and go and Bailey’s at the other end so it’s a Hampshire morning and it seems that whichever side loses is likely to go out (it will be a second defeat)

PS: Apologies for error and well spotted James (Comment) – it should have read 23* from 10 balls of course but I thought I’d leave it. If asked, I tend to describe my batting as like Tavaré without the shots

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Well I know the game has changed but if Glen Maxwell is a free spirit after scoring 23 from 210 balls I am wondering what I would have been called at my batting prime! (As I recall “boring the pants off us” was the most common phrase used by my team mates at the time!!).

(Sorry to pounce on your obvious mistake but it did make me laugh!)

Comment by James

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