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Close of Play
September 29, 2014, 9:44 am
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“Already I scent the rain in the air and the wind howling across the Severn, bringing with it the cathedral chimes it has torn to shreds. And I feel for my mackintosh again.”

John Arlott wrote those as the final words of his account of the glorious summer of 1947 (Gone to the Cricket). Our season finished before tea on Thursday but I was lucky enough to share bits of that evening and the next morning with the players and coaches and then there were those various events at the ground on Saturday (below). Even yesterday, away from cricket, I spent the afternoon performing at a folk festival in Southsea and then walked along the seafront on a beautiful early evening which might have been high summer.

But this morning there is drizzle and chill in the air and a newspaper with no cricket scores or fixtures. There will be some limited-overs stuff this winter but I can’t say I care terribly about that, so the winter will be a matter of reflecting with satisfaction on the perfect outcome; promotion – which was always the priority this year.

I’ve been running this Blog for a few years now and this year it has really moved on with regular correspondents and some (silent) followers. Blogs only work when people join in so many thanks – I shall keep it going through the winter with news and history which remains its principal purpose. I shall start trawling through this year’s Posts and Comments to write the season’s account for the Handbook while Bob Murrell polishes off his many detailed statistics.

Members’ Chairman Terry Crump is launching his Blog too at: hampshirecricketmad.wordpress.com

Enjoy the close season, thanks for all the interest and comments and keep watching. I won’t go away.

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Thank YOU for all your info/insights throughout the season. I look forward to reading all your fascinating historical items. I admit to being one of your silent followers and will attempt to be more vocal next season.


Comment by Richard Griff

Yes, many thanks from me too. I’ve really enjoyed following the closing weeks of the season through your blogs.
Henry Thompson

Comment by Henry Thompson

Have a great winter David! I’m just off to renew my membership for next year!!

Comment by James

Thanks for all your efforts, I’ll definitely keep visiting during the winter. Only 7 months to wait…

Comment by Stephen

A further thank you from another of your silent followers! Your comments and news have really helped to make this a thoroughly enjoyable season.

Comment by Godfrey Stowe

Thanks so much for your blogs Dave, which have added so much to the season for me and many others. Its so valuable and enjoyable to be kept in such close touch with the club and supporters, not to mention the always fascinating history. Thanks again. Wouldn’t it be great if Pompey could match Hants with a promotion of our own?

Comment by Peter Jeffs

Thanks Dave for this blog. I have been lucky enough since changing jobs to have seen a lot of Hampshire cricket this season and it is nice to hear other perspectives on the action.

Comment by Ian

Thank you all so much – it’s all great fun and a pleasure to have so many good conversations.

Comment by pompeypop

I would like to echo the previous comments. This blog provides an ideal perspective on Hampshire cricket with a delightful mix of current news and archive material. I may not comment often but, rest assured, I visit the site every day.

Comment by Paul Rowson

Many thanks Dave. Like the many others I enjoy your comments and updates on developments. Regarding the handbook those who get the next edition wil find a new line in the score cards, this having reference numbers in it. One is the Cricket Archive number. If you use this site just put the number in the score card search oracle for a more detailed score card. For some competitions these is also Hampshire number. This is the number of matches Hampshire have played in that format, e.g. The final championship match is hf2800, Hampshire’s 2800 th first-class match.
Have a good winter all. See you next season.

Comment by Bob Murrell

Many thanks Dave for all the info., past and present, which helps to keep me in touch with all that is going on at Hampshire. Much appreciated when you live far away in Essex!!
Pleased to know that you were present in Cardiff when we clinched the Div2 title. Essex did us a favour by thumping Worcs. and appear to have escaped a visit from Mr Pigot, despite ‘the green oasis’ at Chelmsford.
Winter well and I look forward to seeing you next year or, maybe, at a Cricket Society meeting during the winter.

Comment by david wilson

Many thanks Dave ….not only for this great blog, but also your pearls of wisdom on solent commentry

Comment by Nick

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