Hampshire Cricket History

Rovers fans?
November 16, 2014, 10:34 am
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As a college student in the 1970s I played cricket with a chap from Bristol, John Cooper, who later taught with me in Portsmouth. He was a wicket-keeper and played at somewhere like Langstone/Emsworth for many years. He was an avid Bristol Rovers fan who had settled in Hampshire and he came to mind while I was working my way through the responses to my questions from Andy Millard who now lives in the USA. Andy identified himself as a Rovers fan (I’m not sure why) and said

“I have sometimes wondered how many combined Hampshire / Bristol Rovers supporters there are. Probably not many, but more than one I suspect.”

Any more out there?

Two More Questions:

1. Does anyone know anything about a match at Basingstoke in 1948 involving the all-conquering Aussies? (I’ll explain)

2. From Bob Elliott’s reply: does anyone know why Learie Constantine played at Southampton Sports Centre in the early 1950s? What was the event?

(PS: In my compiling process – stage one – I have just one more of the 18 initial responses to sort. The document is around 17,000 words and the next stage is an edit)

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