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A Very Good Day
March 25, 2015, 10:17 pm
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I’ve been to Lord’s today where I met up with representatives from the MCC and the counties, all like me, responsible for history, heritage, libraries and museums. It was a really friendly and productive meeting and we are hoping between us to develop a model of ‘best practice’ to inform the work of all the counties. We’ll meet up at from time-to-time at matches over the season and then all together again in September/October at Trent Bridge.

I’m going to type up some notes and I’m very happy to share them and invite comments from members and supporters about what you think matters (and I’ve observed that for me, history begins a moment ago)

I had a bit of a wait on Waterloo Station so visited the new Foyles and found Stephen Chalke’s new book Summer’s Crown, which is a history of the County Championship. I’ve picked my way through some bits and it looks splendid – really good, full of stories, facts, records, pictures etc.

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I’d like to see the Hampshire Cricket website pay more attention to the club history and former players. I counted only 8 sentences (plus 2 for the Second XI achievements) to summarize Hampshire’s past. By contrast the websites of Kent, Yorkshire, Lancashire and Glamorgan (randomly selected) have potted season by season histories, lists of former players with photos and biographies and even videos of stars in action.

Comment by Andy M

Counties ought to instigate a ‘Hall of Fame’ for former players where players are inducted each year at a supporters dinner where their contributions are celebrated and viewed by film, stills etc. The Most football clubs, including Portsmouth but not Southampton, have one.

Comment by Peter Jeffs

I think those of us interested in the club’s history are very well served by printed material (thanks Dave) – especially as the handbook is ok for another year. The historical artefacts and dispays at the ground have also been done very well and put a lot of long-established grounds to shame

As you say though, the official website does let us down on this front. I have to admit I rarely use it – I get scores and news from cricinfo and the BBC and share opinions etc on here

Re the Handbook – Dave – is there any way you can get the shop to make it available on the website for us out-of-county supporters? They’ve got last year’s advertised but not the new one

Comment by Keith Fray

Just looked up the Stephen Chalke book on Amazon and there’s a biography of Barry Richards written by Andrew Murtagh! Maybe the Hants reserve batsman of the 1970s
Has this been mentioned on here and I’ve missed it?

Comment by Keith Fray

I echo the comments regarding the official website. Far too corporate in my view and sadly short of cricket information.

Comment by James

Thanks for those comments – very helpful and I’ll pass it all on. Bob Elliott dod mention the BA Richards book – Bob Murrell certainly helped out with some stats but I haven’t yet seen it. I’ll enquire about the shop and posting the Handbook and post something here.

Comment by pompeypop

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