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March 25, 2015, 7:17 am
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If you read past the Headline story there are some ‘interesting’ comments here by the incoming boss of ECB, Colin Graves:


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I am beginning to think Mr Graves likes the sound of his own voice far too much. He reminds me of a football club owner who wants to select the team.

Comment by James

There is a thoughtful article on Cricinfo suggesting that a city franchise model in the UK would not have the potential that it does in Australia. The reason given is that while 61% of Australians are city-based, only 22% of Britons live close to the nine most likely franchise cities.


Comment by Andy M

Also, loosely on the topic of “the future”, I was looking for a Hants fixture calendar to import to my smartphone. There are downloadable calendars on the ECB and Hampshire websites. Currently I have to recommend the ECB version, as the Hants one presents all the fixtures as home matches. (i.e they are titled as “Hampshire Cricket vs xxx” instead having the home team first.)

Comment by Andy M

In the Big Bash there were more Franchises than there were State sides, weren’t there? That means more young or imported cricketers got a game. Here, there would be less Franchises than Counties, so lots of players wouldn’t get a game at all. I’m not sure that would go down well.

Comment by Bob Elliott

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