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Better In than Out
March 28, 2015, 5:21 pm
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It seems that Hampshire v Surrey ended with the visitors 40-1 (Roy c Wheater b Tomlinson). Not sure whether the forecast is any better tomorrow. I went instead to Hambledon where there was mist around the down but a rather good fire inside and an excellent talk from Stephen Chalke about his new history of the County Championship

B'hpny Down 2015

Bat & Ball

Incidentally I shall be at the AGM (etc) on Monday and with Handbooks to sell.

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I think the first wicket was Burns, but it was tricky because the scorecard was blank, so a do-it-yourself job!. Anyway, play continued after a lengthy stop, and a bizarre break at 4.45 for tea, and Surrey ended the day on 169-3. Kevan James opined that Berg was the pick of the bowlers. It was cold!!!!

Comment by Bob Elliott

Be fair, Bob. The score card did tell us that the opponents were Surrey!

Comment by Ageas

Yes. And the date was right, except they still insist on omitting the year.

Comment by Bob Elliott

Mmm…good point Bob, especially if you look at the back of the score card, it is labelled Hampshire Cricket Scorecard 2014.

Comment by Ageas

I’ve spent some time this winter sorting out piles of back scorecards and their recent habit of leaving off the year has made that job much harder

Comment by pompeypop

Oh dear! I have promised myself that one of my jobs would be to sort out old scorecards – they were all muddled when I was contributing to your handbook piece. It sounds like detective work will be needed to sort them into order.

Comment by Ageas

I think it’s only been a problem in the last 3/4 years but I really do end up with piles from each match and each day!

Comment by pompeypop

49 years after I bought my first ‘ampshire ‘andbook, I got this year’s copy today. And, unlike the previous 48 issues, I got a mention.

Comment by Ageas

Well deserved too! Not before time.

Comment by pompeypop

I met Jamie, who produces our scorecards today. I suggested a number of ‘improvements’ that I felt would improve the product. He seemed quite receptive to my ideas, so we will see! It won’t be this game, though. They aren’t doing one as it’s a ‘friendly’. I pointed out it was a first-class ‘friendly’, but it made no difference. We WILL have 2015 on it this year.

Comment by Bob Elliott

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