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An Important Day
April 29, 2015, 7:12 am
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I think there might be two verdicts on the 11 days so far The bowlers have tried hard but without Bird, Coles or (much of) last-season’s rejuvenated Wood, they lack a cutting edge. Maybe Edwards will solve that temporarily? The top six batsmen have not done what they should be doing. Jimmy’s had two fifties, Wheater one and Carberry has looked good without making a big score. If they don’t deliver today (assuming not too much rain), Hampshire may lose unless Ervine comes to the rescue yet again. But the batters have to deliver and if they don’t Alsop, Terry and McManus will be pressing their claims Grant Flower appeared yesterday and was talking very positively about Alsop. PS Rain? The forecasts have been quite clear – heavy overnight, clearing by around 11am then showers. The streets of Pompey, 15 miles east of the ground are still as dry as a bone (9am) PPS it’s been pouring at the ground and unlikely to be a prompt start Its midday. There is rain in the air and nothing is happening. 12.15 the sun is shining and one man is sweeping off some water

They started at 1.20pm although no one I was with heard any announcement! Hampshire have 70 overs to score 392 to win or perhaps …. In the fifth over they are 5-0

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I see the club website now reports that Edwards will be available from Monday 4th May. No mention of him leaving for over a month at the end of June. Has the situation changed or are they being economical with the truth I wonder?

Comment by James

He’s playing in the West Indies T20 so will be going back.

Comment by pompeypop

That’s what I thought David. In my opinion it would have been better to have set this expectation in the piece on the club website rather than announce what is likely to be seen as more disappointing news when he departs for over a month.

Comment by James

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