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May 30, 2015, 8:23 am
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The BBC Sport site this morning has a “Hampshire” link followed by this

“England’s T20 Blast competition can emulate the success of Australia’s Big Bash by reducing the number of teams involved, says Hampshire and Pakistan all-rounder Yasir Arafat … All 18 county sides play in the T20 Blast, while just eight teams take part in Australia’s 20-over version. “I think the Big Bash is exceptional. They’ve fewer teams but televise every game,” Arafat told BBC Radio Solent.

Michael Carberry said much the same earlier in the season

It’s clear that this Franchise plan accompanied by the reduction in Championship games is gaining momentum and it seems to me that ‘Hampshire’ is very keen to be associated with the drive

Just not this bit of Hampshire

However, as long as I am the historian (Archivist) I’ll do my best to record what happens, while occasionally expressing views that may be contrary. In that case they are simply my views as a long-time fan and punter

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“I think the Big Bash is exceptional. They keep paying me shedloads of money” said Yasir Arafat.

I’m looking forward to the next ground breaking statement from someone very loosely associated with Hampshire.

Probably something to do with bears and woods!

Comment by James

I have been reading all the blogs on the future of the game with interest.

I really think there needs to be a cogent business case for both the Big Bash and three Divisions. All comments to date in support have been subjective or from the gut. It needs to be properly priced/costed. If members are to be canvassed , (don’t hold your breath in the current climate), they should see the figures.

Comment by Alan Edwards

All the franchise proposals call for fewer teams than are in the current T20. Are they also proposing fewer matches in the new tournament? If so, I can’t see why the 4-day matches need to be reduced at all.

And Dave, will you apply to be a franchise archivist?

Comment by Hedgehog

I agree with both Alan and Hedgehog above. The question I ask is why change the championship? If it is to make more room for T20 franchise stuff then they can do that by planning the fixtures better. Given 9 teams playing each other home and away that can be done in 18 weeks if planned correctly. This season between the first and last championship matches there are 24 weeks. That leaves 6 weeks to get the one day stuff played.

Comment by Bob Murrell

Given that rain regularly decimates championship cricket in this country, if it is reduced any further there will be next to nothing to watch all summer.

Comment by Peter Jeffs

It seems to me that we are positioning ourselves to be a franchise given there may well be reduced numbers of teams competing.

Comment by Paul

The franchises will presumably centre around the larger grounds so I suppose that is inevitable Paul.

Personally I would have no problem with us being hosts to the South Coast Mercenaries or whatever playing in the T20 Money Cup if we could also continue to host eight games of proper county cricket each season.

Comment by James

Ah, that’s the nub. The suggestion seems to be reduced championship, so may only be 7 matches of the proper game.

Comment by Paul

More probably six home matches – three divisions of 7 teams each. The third division – which would have included Hampshire in two of the last three years, could otherwise comprise Scotland, Ireland, Holland (or another minor county), and perhaps Leicestershire, Gloucestershire and Glamorgan/Derbyshire. There’s a thrilling prospect!

Comment by pompeypop

I don’t see how we would have been in div 3 as our lowest finish in last three years is effectively 12th which keeps us just in div 2 as long as it’s not more than 2 up 2 down.

Comment by Ian

Correction 13th but still in Div 2 just.

Comment by Ian

Apologies Ian, you’re right – I was thinking of something slightly different, dividing the 18 counties into three sixes in which case we would have been in Div 3. Nonetheless it’s a near thing and a scary thought that the bottom four in next year’s Div Two will then be in Div Three in 2017 IF that plan goes ahead. I’ve offered an alternative ‘model’ this morning which is not my absolute preference but I’ll never see that (again)

Comment by pompeypop

Been thinking about my own model as well which I hope would have a good compromise for both traditionalists and modernisers. Will post it tonight when I get back from the Ageas.

Comment by Ian

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