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Rapped Up Early
August 29, 2015, 4:36 pm
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Isiah Dreads

During Hampshire’s innings I was watching teenage rapper Isiah Dreads on Southsea Common (above) – it seems to me I got the best of the deal. (Isiah was ok – later saw Laura Mvula who was terrific)

Back in 2008 when we first hosted the T20, I realised I’d never want to go to one involving Hampshire unless it was at home – too much possible pain, far worse than the prospect of a Lord’s Final defeat. Nonetheless, 2010 was OK – and highly entertaining – but two years ago I succumbed to a kind invite from the club and watched us lose the semi final at Edgbaston. At least it didn’t rain today but I’m guessing I’d have hated the Hampshire batting (Vince notably excepted). Is that right? It seems the slower bowlers did their best but never had a hope. What do you guys think?

It’s been raining in Southsea this afternoon so I’ve taken a break and I’m at home with a cup of tea. I’m very glad I’m not driving back from Birmingham!

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Mr Benkenstein was right in describing T20 Finals Day as a ‘shambles’ – it could equally be used to describe our batting today. The two semi-finals have been complete non-events – I hope for the sake of the crowd the final is a better spectacle.
Never mind Dave, Pompey won again and look a proper team at last under a proper manager – the first steps on the road back to respectability.

Comment by Peter Jeffs

I nearly said the best bet would have been a trip to Luton! It was interesting that I heard David Lloyd after the match talking about the pitch and saying it would have been VERY important for nobody to start making pessimistic comments in the dressing room. It occurred to me that we started doing that even before arriving at the ground! I wonder whether there really was a problem there but you do have to wonder too about the number of groundsmen who seem unable to prepare appropriate pitches.

Comment by pompeypop

Vince batting well. The others just left their brains back at the Ageas Bowl. Vince was especially angry when Wood was out although I guess that was frustration at the previous dismissals rather than just Wood. We did bowl well I expect Lancs to win by 7 wkts with about 6 overs left.
For the first time we didn’t stay for the final.
Least it was summer, warm and sunny.

Comment by Paul

And Pompey won!

Comment by Paul

I’ve watched the Hampshire innings. Wheater and Smith somewhat unlucky although Will seemed to be playing for a draw. Dawson, Ervine and Wood played horrid shots and the tail was irrelevant. Not surprised Vince was fed up but it’s their third consecutive poor batting on Finals Day.

Comment by pompeypop

Just got home from Edgbaston in time to see Lancs win. I have been to all six now and was in two minds about going this year but I thought it couldn’t be as bad as the last two years. Beaten fair and square but pitch no way suitable for a showpiece event. Very disappointed with our batting.

Comment by Ian

In the general disappointment I’d forgotten how unlucky Smith was. He did swipe a bail away, wonder if that was noted. I thought Wheats should have left the delivery, probably would be given a wide. No sure he made contact though.
It is strange that we fail to bat well at Finals day at Edgbaston. There never seems to be 2/3 who manage a score only one yet 6 of the players have been there every time so nerves shouldn’t be getting the better of them. Still I’m the coaching staff will get to the bottom of it and sort it for next year.

Comment by Paul

It’s never great to lose your semi at finals day but as one of the supporters that did stay to watch the final it was a great atmosphere & the best match of the day. It’s also strangely enjoyable to just appreciate the cricket without the added stress of desperately wanting Hampshire to win. Sadly the constraints on coach travel meant not being able to stay & watch the celebrations & presentations. Always feels wrong not to stay & applaud the winners even if they’re not your team (or the team you chose to back once we were out!). I think you just need to made of stern stuff to go through the whole day but then if you’ve been to several finals days then you are prepared for that & know what you are letting yourself in to. It may not be the sort of cricket that traditionalists hanker after but to see so many youngsters enjoying the day is brilliant (sure some parents baulk at the language flying about though).

It was a shame that the pitch didn’t offer up a better spectacle for the semi-finals though 😕

Comment by Jo Summerton

Thanks Jo. people turn up regularly and in numbers for T20 Quarter Finals so I’ve always thought they’d do the same for a Semi Final. could be a ‘home/away’ one

Then there could be just the final, on neutral territory – still longer than a football match so I reckon people would go. It’s also possible there could be one other game – eg Women’s Final or T20 ODI? before it? They’d love playing in front of 20,000 plus. I think T20 Finals Day is way too long.

Comment by pompeypop

A disappointing day, but I got round the ‘driving home from Birmingham’ bit by driving to Chester-le-Street to watch your predicted Great Escape

Comment by Ageas

Your commitment knows no bounds! Trust me (or trust history), we’re going upwards …

Comment by pompeypop

Our reward is having the team stay in the same hotel!

Comment by Ageas

Fair play for staying on. Stayed on in 11 and 13 and enjoyed Leics and Nhants win. Just was not feeling it yesterday so went home and last year had somewhere to be so didn’t stay then. It is a decent day and try to remember that some counties supporters would love to get there just once in a while let alone six in a row.

Comment by Ian

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