Hampshire Cricket History

2016 ODI/T20
August 25, 2015, 2:55 pm
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Ageas Bowl dates revealed:

5 July: T20 England v Sri Lanka

24 August: 50 overs (D/N) England v Pakistan

Just Once
August 25, 2015, 7:27 am
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In the 1998 Handbook the then editor Andrew Renshaw published a list of Hampshire cricketers who had played just one first-class match for the county since we entered the Championship in 1895.

One of our regular correspondents Bob Elliott is now working on a similar and updated list and I won’t reveal too much of it, but he asked me to check some things, particularly post-war. What I find particularly interesting is that there have been 24 ‘one match wonders’ since 1946 and of those 24, no fewer than 15 have been added by Bob since the 1998 publication – and that despite the reduction in the number of Championship and first-class matches and the virtual disappearance of tourist matches (etc).

Incidentally one name on Andrew’s list, AD Mullally, is of course no longer there, following his return to the county in the early years of this century.

In & Out/In or Out?
August 24, 2015, 4:20 pm
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James Vince is in England’s T20 squad v Australia (next Monday) but out of the 50 over squad

I think that means he will be in Hampshire’s side for the rest of the season although he might be out of next Tuesday’s Championship game v Durham. If he’s in, he’ll have to get from Cardiff to Durham, overnight.

Over and out

County games, final day
August 24, 2015, 11:28 am
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Around midday and Hove is already abandoned. Worcs haven’t started yet, it’s raining there and I think they have just one bonus point so far. Meanwhile it’s also raining again at Bristol and they’re forecasting rain there tomorrow and showers on Wednesday. Last week I made plans to go on Wednesday, but today I’m making plans to stay home!

Lunchtime and Worcs abandoned too. Hampshire, four to play, now have a game in hand and are 11 points behind Worcs and 15 pts behind Sussex. Somerset, like Hampshire still have four to play and the gap between them is 24 points. That surely is it in terms of relegation. It’s impossible to imagine Yorkshire anywhere other than first.

League News
August 24, 2015, 10:35 am
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The local leagues are approaching their final weekend. Once again the strongest side in the region isn’t from Hampshire – South Wilts seem to be winning everything again, while away to the east, Havant have been ok but second best. The latter have included Hampshire’s ‘one match wonder’ Richard Hindley and one time 2nd XI contracted all rounder Chris Morgan. Brad Wheal has bowled for them occasionally and took 3-20 last Saturday against Lymington. Basil Akram scored 48 and took 1-14 for struggling Sarisbury in their defeat to Bashley, while Burridge included Joe Gatting (26 and 3-29) and Lee Savident (2 and 2-29). Danny Briggs also made just 2 for Ventnor against the Academy and took 2-26 while Organ (51 and 1-18) starred for the youngsters – but Ventnor won by 95 runs.

To a large extent, the Premier Division comprises teams from outside the region’s main towns and cities. Andover, Bournemouth and Basingstoke are all mid-table in Division One but they will be joined next year by Portsmouth and Old Tauntonians – on their way up from Division Two.

Stats Entertainment
August 23, 2015, 4:36 pm
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The Test series is over – equalling the shortest five day series ever played, it lasted just 18 days.

I wonder whether you can guess the most productive batting partnership for England in the series? One hint, it wasn’t Cook and Lyth! The answer is in the first Comment

Meanwhile two key ‘relegation’ first division games are being played. Sussex have battled well against Yorkshire and that game looks like a draw – so too Worcs against Somerset although they’re not doing so well and may take few bonus points. There could well be rain tomorrow to finish both games off.

Rain at Bristol today washed out the whole day, it’s due again tomorrow followed by showers on Tuesday. I wonder how wet it will be by Wednesday’s Quarter Final? It appears that Wednesday’s Quarter Final is the only one not being televised by Sky (?)

Just the start
August 23, 2015, 9:50 am
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(GD Alert)

“Cricket Writers on TV” this morning (Sky TV) discussed the proposal to reduce the number of Championship games. They expressed no concerns about the reduction but they – in particular Stephen Brenkley of the Independent – confirmed what had been hinted at in Tom Harrison’s use of the word “compromise” that in two or three years time it will be reduced again to 12 matches (while acknowledging that the proposal has not yet been approved).

He also described the Championship as “sacrosanct” while Paul Allott suggested that reducing the number of matches would improve the quality.

They also discussed the importance of the Championship in producing Test players. Clearly that is important but as I’ve pointed out before, on average England have needed around five/six players per decade since Test cricket started. But let’s ignore stats and suggest they need  a new 11 each decade (in which case Adam Lyth would have been about number 1,500 rather than 666). Even 11 is significantly fewer than one player per county. Hampshire are about to use their 22nd player of the season (McLaren) and he will be the 27th player to make a Hampshire first-class debut in this decade (five years to date) – just nine (33%) of them were young English players at their first county, the others were foreigners or English ‘transfers’. 16 of them have already departed.

Here is the Hampshire U-17 side that’s just won a national competition against Warwickshire. More info. to follow (and congratulations) but how many will go on to a full county career and how many will play for England?

2015 - ECB U17 winners

Further information:


What’s the answer?
August 22, 2015, 9:03 am
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(Grumpy Dave Alert)

Some of you might get tired of me grumbling on about the assault on the County Championship so any post on that topic from now will carry the alert above so you can ignore it if you wish. There will continue to be other posts but Hampshire’s “exhausted” players are having a few days off so nothing much to report on the contemporary front.

There is a Test match however and it’s clear from press, TV, radio that my comments yesterday were pretty gentle. The Times today suggests that Lyth has had his chance and failed and notes that Alex Hales made a big hundred yesterday. It goes on:

“The domestic schedule has been kind to Lyth in that Hales has not enjoyed enough four-day opportunities in the most recent weeks to press a case”


Next year he’ll get fewer!!

Testing day
August 21, 2015, 5:08 pm
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England’s batting today has been horrid. It’s interesting to note that through the series the county successes (as opposed to centrally contracted players) like Lyth and Bairstow have failed to step up to the demands of Test cricket (ditto Compton? Carberry? Robson?).

Perhaps we need more four-day cricket to produce top quality Test batsmen? I’ll call the ECB and see what they think.

Chris Tremlett
August 21, 2015, 3:09 pm
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It seems there is another story today

Tremlett C

Chris Tremlett has retired. He took a wicket right at the start on debut v New Zealand ‘A’ at Pompey (2000) remains the only Hampshire-born Hampshire player to represent England in this country and then there’s always that run out at Lord’s in the 2009 Final!

But I suppose he’ll be remembered as much as anything for the succession of injuries and operations throughout his career and the sense of huge promise somewhat unfulfilled – perhaps simply because he grew too much and ended up as the Gentle Giant? Good luck to him in whatever follows – and I wonder whether there will be a fourth generation Tremlett cricketer one day?