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Spreading Out
October 20, 2015, 8:58 am
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I wonder whether we think this was better?

Portsmouth 1950s

That’s the Pompey ground in the 1950s as I first saw it

I’ve been doing some work on ‘out grounds’, checking on them in 1960.

In that season the 17 counties used 79 grounds. Essex and Glamorgan used eight each, Yorkshire and Kent seven and Somerset six. Hampshire used four – Bournemouth, Cowes (IOW), Portsmouth and Southampton.

Apart from Yorkshire, those who used fewest grounds were mostly the Test match counties. Middlesex played everything at Lord’s although they had ventured to Hornsey for the first time the previous year (v Hants), Notts played just one at Worksop, Surrey one at Guildford, while Warwicks used Coventry (2) and Nuneaton. The oddest of the lot I think was Glamorgan at Mergam – I’ve never heard of it!

Motorways weren’t so good (although less congested) but by rail this was pre-Beeching, so more lines and stations.

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It’s Margam, near Port Talbot.

Comment by Ian White

Cheers Ian. Back in the 1980s I used to visit Port Talbot with my work and ever since I’ve tried to erase it from my memory. Seems I succeeded!

Comment by pompeypop

Somewhere in the back of my mind Margam=steel. A company ground?

Comment by Ageas

Yes, I believe it was the Steel Company of Wales’ ground. Do any works grounds still exist? I can’t think of any now on the county circuit, whereas there were several in the 60s, including J S White’s at Cowes.

Comment by Ian White

Wagon Works, Gloucester, Courtaulds, Coventry were a couple more

Then there’s dual-use. I’ve seen County Cricket and Div One football at Bramall Lane and County Cricket/Rugby at Pompey’s US Ground

Then there’s football most days at the Ageas Bowl. ‘Dimi’ was rubbish, Vince isn’t bad …

Comment by pompeypop

County Cricket and League football in all divisions at the County Ground Northampton too of course.

Comment by James

Dual use: Bath and Blackheath also rugby, way back tennis at Dean Park. Other sports at Lords and the Oval.

Comment by StephenFH

Ah yes, I recall seeing them at Fratton Park on the way up and straight back down in the 60s!

Comment by pompeypop

Amazing to recall that this (briefly) top flight football pitch was a car park during the cricket season. Was the Bramall Lane football ground also 3-sided during the Yorkshire era, or was there a very distant 4th side?

Comment by Ian White

I went twice to watch cricket there, in 1963 & 1964 but I can’t recall much more than sitting on the terraces. I think the fourth side was in the distance

Comment by pompeypop

Nottinghamshire played two 50 over games at Welbeck Colliery CC in jJuly this year, although I realise this was list A not first Class. Sorry for late posting of comment. I have been remiss in reviewing the blog!

Comment by Martin

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