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October 23, 2015, 4:54 pm
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I’ve just worked this out for a project I’m doing and thought you might be interested

In January 2000, the first Test Match of the new decade and new century* started at Newlands, Cape Town, between South Africa and England and the home side won by an innings. It is listed in the second volume of the Wisden Book of Test Cricket as match number 1477 (and for England number 765). By late August 2009, the final entry in volume three was Sri Lanka v New Zealand in Colombo, match number 1932, although there were a further 12 before the New Year, so there were 467 matches in that decade or just less than an average of 50 Test matches per year.

By comparison, the first Test match to start in the 1950s was South Africa v Australia in Durban in late January. It was just Test Match number 320 although they had started in 1877 and by Christmas Eve 1959, when India beat Australia in Kanpur, they had reached number 483, which is 163 Tests in the decade or about one third of the 21st century figure. In addition of course there were no ODIs, World Cups or T20 tournaments in the 1950s.

(* incidentally I know some people say the decade/century started on 1 Jan 2001 but the point would be pretty much the same – I find January 2000 more elegant, and so ignore the maths)

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All together now ………..

“No wonder they are all so exhausted!”

Comment by James

One reason there would be fewer Tests per year in the 1950s is that Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh weren’t playing Tests then, and Pakistan only started in 1952. However this doesn’t negate the trend that Dave is highlighting.

Comment by Hedgehog

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