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Not Quite Mary
October 23, 2015, 9:08 am
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These politicians know nothing

Northants have just been loaned some dosh by the Council and the report has this comment from Mary Markham, the Conservative leader of the council:

“We will look at providing financial support to help the club get back onto a stable footing. With over a century of tradition, the club is one of the oldest still playing in the County Championship, and a big part of life in Northampton”.

Reference the last point, I was told recently that they have fewer than 200 members although not sure if that’s correct. What is for sure is that since they were founded in 1878 and came into the Championship in 1905, they’re one of the ‘youngest’.

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Just spin for the voters

Comment by Paul

I wonder, if a similar situation arose with Hants, whether Hampshire County Council would bail us out, or Eastleigh BC?

Comment by Peter Jeffs

Northampton Council are also owed some serious money from Northampton Football Club to the tune of £10m I understand from outstanding loans. So it is sport on the tax payers in Northampton then….

Comment by John Cottrell

It’d be interesting to do a list of clubs that’ve had major council loans. Kent, Warwickshire certainly have, doubtless many others. But I think the others all still own their grounds (Middx, Surrey PoW lease excepted).

Comment by Jeremy

We don’t own ours though do we?

Comment by James

No we don’t indeed James, never did. We owned the lease (999 years) which we sold on with the right to buy back. I’m hopeless with big money so no idea what our assets would be if we went broke. I’m a shareholder so I collect the balance sheets but can’t really understand them.

Comment by pompeypop

Quite so David. We only ever had a long-term lease although admittedly a 999 year lease is almost as good as owning it as far as security of tenure is concerned – unless anyone who obtains it has alternative ideas!

Comment by James

On another financial matter does anyone else think it is rather disreputable for Hampshire Cricket to market the lotto with millions of pounds in prize as “The Hampshire Cricket Lotto” when it clearly isn’t what the name suggests – ie a lottery where all the tickets are being sold by Hampshire Cricket?

I know it is pretty obvious that a lottery entirely run by a county couldn’t offer millions in prizes and some of the funds do help the county but I can’t help feeling it isn’t a very ethical way to try to raise money.

(Apologies for hijacking the thread!).

Comment by James

Didn’t Eastleigh BC buy the ground a few years back?

Comment by Paul

They bought the lease Paul, fromHampshire Cricket which has the right to buy it back but not sure about the details of that right

Comment by pompeypop

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