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It May Not be Rugby
October 24, 2015, 2:06 pm
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Just spotted this from three days ago from the Daily Telegraph

Colin Graves is quoted as seeking to stop county players being “exhausted” and enhancing county cricket TV income while preparing to win the World Cup here in 2019. And it’s all been stimulated by England’s early exit from the Rugby World Cup.

Of course! Should’ve realised

I wonder what excuse he will find next? Perhaps Pompey’s failure to crack their home form, ‘Saints’ early exit from Europe, Eric Clapton’s inability to play anything new since 1976, the end of the Harry Potter series? He said all this while watching the current Test Match, but one thing is for sure – the answer to England’s poor batting this morning is to for the next generation of Test batsmen to play fewer Championship innings. That’ll solve it.

Actually I know. He’ll propose that all proper Rugby-playing nations can field 15 players in cricket Tests


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Anything to prove his beliefs, typical behaviour of someone stuck in the knowers stance.

Comment by Paul

I really don’t see how 3 days of 50, with 3 days of T20 in blocks helps with exhaustion. The main cause of cricketers exhaustion is the travelling not 4 day cricket. This is confirmed from player biogs and other books. Although being driven in luxury coaches or flying is much better than the players faced even a few years ago.
It also will lose support 3 days a week at premium prices will drive supporters away. This seems to be recognised by the county CEOs but not the Chairmen.
How long will the counties agree to the ECB selling something they have no right to? Del Boy would be proud of this scam.

Comment by Paul

Spot on Paul!

Comment by pompeypop

Are we sure Mr Graves isn’t a sleeper planted in England by the cunning Aussies determined to ruin English cricket?

Or is he really just a dangerous idiot?

Comment by James

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