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Not Quite
October 26, 2015, 7:39 pm
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Today’s BBC site:

Gloucestershire may rebrand themselves as Bristol for the T20 Blast.

In an end-of-season questionnaire, supporters are being asked if the change would make them more likely – or less likely – to attend matches … “We just wanted to put it out there to get people talking about it. This issue comes up again and again,” club chief executive Will Brown said.

“We want people’s suggestions and opinions,” Brown told BBC Radio Gloucestershire. “I’m not sure how it would change Gloucestershire – but other counties have done it”.

If I remember rightly from my schools days the word counties is plural, i.e. meaning more than one

So that would be Warwickshire and ???

I hope they go bankrupt

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I suppose if this mendacious git was a bit more competent he’d’ve managed to time this drivel to coincide with the centenary of WG.

But then the R4 play thing reminded us WG didn’t hold the Gloucester committee in very high regard either!

Comment by Jeremy

Southampton on the way!

Comment by Paul

I think the other county must be Yorkshire as I believe they also call themselves England.

Comment by James

If the people of Bristol don’t know that Gloucestershire play there then he should change his marketing department not the name of the club.

Comment by Ian

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