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October 30, 2015, 10:49 am
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Interesting reading from the 1975 Wisden:

In 1974, fines for poor over rates were imposed on a number of counties. In 1973, four counties had achieved an overall average of 19.5 overs per hour, in 1974 only Middlesex (19.8) did so, nonetheless, in that latter year only four of the 17 counties failed to reach the required average of 18.5 overs per hour – the equivalent in a six-and-a-half-hour day of 120 overs.

Today teams notionally play for six hours but it’s nearly always six-and-a-half and they bowl just 96 overs – or 384 in the match, minus overs off for change of innings

If they still bowled 120 per day in 2015/2016, it would take us to a bit before lunch on day four to get to 384.

Incidentally the Middlesex average gives about 128 overs per day which would be more in three days then than they get now in four!

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Is the difference between then and now (in part at least) to do with the run rate?

The required rate of 18.5 overs per hour then was very similar to that bowled in the 40 over games on Sundays when bowlers had restricted run-ups and the fielders did more retrieving.

Comment by StephenFH

I think you mean in the sense that more boundaries are hit, taking more time to retrieve? It might be partly that but almost certainly also time taken with drinks, changes of gloves, fielders putting on armour etc – the answer to the last point is that they should spend the previous over doing it. If necessary a sub could come on. I think the two main reasons are (1) far fewer spinners bowling far fewer overs and (2) a certain laziness in the sense that work takes the time allocated. Ask sides to bowl 96 overs in six hours (16 per hour) and they won’t bowl more – unless, end of season, they’re suddenly desperate for points!

Comment by pompeypop

I think one other reason for the slow over rates is continually changing the field mid over. Not helped by the captain fielding in the slips and needing to talk to his bowler mid over.

Comment by Bob Murrell

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