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What do we want?
April 1, 2016, 8:28 am
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When do we want it? (I’ve never really got over the ’60s)

I was included in an email from two bloggers yesterday – Richard and Bob E – who are mounting a Campaign for Real Scorecards

Now I reckon these days campaign titles need to work as acronyms, on which basis we might have to think a bit about CRS (?) but in respect of my new book and the future of the county championship I might launch the

Campaign to Retain Authentic  County Cricket = CRACC (Kricket?)

If it fails, I feel a brief Proustian response might suffice with a one-off

Conference Remembering an Authentic Past ….

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Before anyone suspects an April 1st prank, it’s not!

This was about the general lack of information about who is playing in 2nd XI matches at the ‘Bowl, (there was not even a team sheet available for the 1st team friendly this week), and we thought the upcoming MCCU game, being a first-class game, warranted a proper scorecard. For some it might be their ONLY first-class game . . .

Comment by Bob Elliott

I believe at Second XI games last season it was Mrs Terry who kicked the Bowl admin staff to produce a scorecard/team list….
Alas no Sean Terry at the Bowl for her to turn up to support this season.
If it is not a profit making issue then no one bothers….

Comment by John Cottrell

On a broader point it seems so anachronistic in this digital age for supporters to have to go to the trouble to search out and buy a scorecard for the purpose of finding out whose playing, umpires, batting order, match details/times etc, and then, to keep an account of events by writing in fall of wickets, bowling figures etc. Isn’t there some way scorecards could be obtainable via an app or online (and printed off in advance) and then maintained online at the game by supporters via their phones.

Comment by Peter Jeffs

The problem here would be that you would not necessarily get the correct team make up S the team is only formally announced at the toss, 30 minutes before play starts. Even with the score cards we buy there are often changes to one of the teams.

Comment by Bob Murrell

Sussex have a ‘proper’ scorecard for today’s friendly
I have to confess that, although I always buy a scorecard, I usually don’t fill it in, but print off the Cricinfo.com card at the end of the match

Comment by ageas

In the Archive we have scorecards going back over 100 years. In a sense we don’t need them because all the details are on Cricket Archive (etc) but people like to have the artefact even retrospectively. I like particularly to keep copies of the historic ones (Bournemouth 1961, Lord’s 1988 etc). On the radio these days we tend to rely on Cricinfo ball-by-ball etc and since HBA’s Roy Martin died, we don’t even have scorers in the box. The scorecards are helpful for player numbers

Comment by pompeypop

Maybe we could run to a blackboard and a piece of chalk at 2nd XI games where the two teams can be chalked up before the start of play updated at the fall of each wicket.

Or is this too high tec for us?

Comment by James

I think what Bob & Richard want is a proper scorecard for every FIRST-CLASS match. Since they last three days (+) they should be correct by day two! Some information is always desirable for 2nd XI games when players on both sides can be less familiar but since few people attend, a clearly displayed list might suffice although in the Archives it is fascinating to discover 2nd XI scorecards from games way back that don’t appear in the Handbook or online.

Comment by pompeypop

I agree with all of this – its interesting the ECB itself hardly bother to record even the results of 2ndXI matches in their own tournaments on their website – though Alan Fordham makes time to go to their T20 finals day.

And Sussex seem to do better than us, possibly illustrating a slightly different mindset?

However, last summer there was huge progress, which may possibly have come about from visiting scorers, but there were even LIVE scorecards of many games, though sometimes they took a bit of finding.

They were on this website, good luck searching?!:


Occasionally these had the wrong names, but a lot better than nothing…

Comment by Jeremy

For example


Comment by Jeremy

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