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April 5, 2016, 12:02 pm
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Lunchtime, day two of the first-class season and the match v Cardiff University

Very few people have yet bought the 2016 Hampshire Handbook but there are already four updates because Weatherley, Alsop, McManus and Taylor have all posted their best first-class scores, although Weatherley is not actually listed in the squad profiles. I’m not sure whether he should have been or whether he is still on a Development contract. if Ali bowls, whatever his figures they will be his BB.

If you have or intend to buy Forever Changes you will find it contains hundreds of ‘facts’ at least three of which need correcting/amending. If you spot more please let me know. The three I know of are:

  1. 117: While Tony Greig was sacked as England’s captain he played in that summer’s Test Matches under Mike Brearley.
  2. 126: Barry Wood should read Graeme Wood (Australia)
  3. 226: Barry Reed was also born in Portsmouth (Southsea) and in the list should follow Mike Barnard. He was also educated privately, at Winchester College.

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I was intrigued to find this review of “Forever Changes” ..

“Forever Changes isn’t just an indictment of the rosy vision of the ’60s; it’s a stunning indictment of humanity’s consistent need to cover up the misdeeds of the past in favor of a glorified vision of the future.”

Then I realized I was reading a review of the 1967 album of the same name from the American rock bank Love.

A more relevant review on Amazon says “‘FOREVER CHANGES’ is a must read!” This review is from the mysterious “Rayment”. I wonder who that may be.

Comment by Hedgehog

Hah! The title is indeed ‘pinched’ from one of my favourite albums but only one other person has spotted it – the librarian at the MCC. He got a free copy as the first person. As for the mysterious Rayment I can only say that it was unsolicited – he’s been very kind about it. The quote you found isn’t a million miles from my intentions of course but I hope the book aspires to some degree, to the invention and tunefulness of Love (which is of course, all you need). Cheers Hedgehog

Comment by pompeypop

Not your excellent book; but there is an error in the Handbook (apart from me giving Haslop number 360 instead of 350), Mr Moore junior pointed out that on page 25 his dad was down as being a non-bowler in the list, when he isn’t in the list of Hampshire’s finest!

Comment by Bob Elliott

Cheers Bob. I’m afraid there are a couple of typos in the handbook too – my fault for trying to do two books at once!

Comment by pompeypop

Got the book and the Handbook today – thanks Dave

Comment by Ageas

If it’s any consolation, I sent in a correction to last year’s Wisden, which they acknowledged… just waiting for this year’s errata and corrigenda page

Comment by Ageas

Not just books. Over many years, I’ve written. supervised and examined PhD theses and even there, only once have I ever heard of one that required no amendments. The guy who wrote that was quite brilliant but on the whole, how ever hard you try there will always be one or two – sometimes more! But many thanks for your purchases. I hope you enjoy them.

Comment by pompeypop

P103 at the bottom re Arsenal second not first.

1961 a very good year for Spurs and Hants, 2016 a very good year for……

Comment by StephenFH

Many thanks. That one is crazy! I even saw that ‘Spurs’ side and I still have a team photo in Topical Times signed by Mackay, Henry and Medwin …

Comment by pompeypop

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