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It’s Raining Today
April 5, 2016, 1:06 pm
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Over the winter I tend to forget certain things about the reality of watching cricket. One of them is how often it rains at the Ageas Bowl but not where I live – I think the worst case was the Saturday of our first-ever Test match in 2011 when Portsmouth CC played all day on the seafront. I’ve just seen after lunch that they’re off for rain again, while my wife is in the garden in bright Pompey sunshine. It was the same yesterday: no rain in our water butts yet hours of delay at the ground. I’m not there today and given the forecast tomorrow I think I’ll give it a miss. If the showers fall anywhere it’ll be at the cricket.

Incidentally my title is from a beautiful song by Scott Walker – worth a listen …

PS – Shut Up Dave! The stories about 2011 and yesterday are quite true (and not the only examples) but in Pompey, 30 minutes after I posted this, it’s raining …

PPS – Hamza Ali has a wicket on debut (see below) but he’s also conceded five runs from one ball – all run, or four overthrows?

PPPS (how many Ps can one old bloke have?). Basil’s off again, he’s not faulty at all. He’s playing against Kent and has got Northeast and Stevens already. Bets on Ali and Akram opening for Hampshire by July?


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The PPS was overthrows, and I’m sure the umpire signalled byes, but this doesn’t show in the www scorecard. But then, I was watching and didn’t notice Wheater wasn’t ‘keeping, so . . .

Comment by Bob Elliott

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