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Hampshire’s England Captain
April 6, 2016, 10:39 am
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Apologies to Dave and anyone else bewildered by my cryptic Comment below – I was on my travels early this morning, sporting wet weather gear (superfluous in the sunshine now) and sitting in a local café reading the paper where I learned that England Women’s captain Charlotte Edwards is to play for the Southern Vipers, based at the Ageas Bowl. DIG is David I Gower – I’m pretty sure he’s the last England captain at Hampshire (albeit not simultaneously).

Given my fondness for a certain strain of popular music, I’m intrigued by the women’s chosen name of the Vipers. Those of you of a certain vintage will perhaps recall that in the mid/late 1950s Wally Whyton’s popular skiffle group carried the same name – but the term’s musical origins are rather more murky in both senses. For some years I used to perform a version of the very tuneful “If You’re a Viper” by the Harlem Hamfats which has a most interesting lyric … I wonder whether anyone at the Ageas Bowl realised?


(Meanwhile play is underway at the Bowl – maybe they’ll set up an interesting finish?)


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Think there was another captain of England since Gower although not somebody we saw play often.

Comment by Ian

You’re right of course! How could I forget? I think it’s an example of wilful ignorance on my part. In fact only he, Tennyson and Fry in reverse order have captained England while at Hampshire but I like to pretend the last one never really happened. Cheers Ian.

Comment by pompeypop

They’re off for rain again – only 8.2 overs before lunch.

Incidentally the Blog time no longer adjusts for BST so I originally posted this just after midday

Comment by pompeypop

There are two more recent ones if you look to the U19s……….

Comment by joster69

That should have read “very” recent……..

Comment by joster69

And it should read ‘very’ good too Jo! Commentaries from Sunday and I’m going to need you. I hope you’re checking all the latest rules and regs. Now what was that about the toss … ?

Comment by pompeypop

Ha…….I better get reading/downloading……..although I’m sure you’d cope perfectly fine without my input. I have new headphones at the ready…….

Comment by joster69

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