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Taking wickets
April 20, 2016, 12:41 pm
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I’ve checked all the innings in our games this season – up to lunchtime today – innings by Hampshire, Warwickshire and Yorkshire

With the first new ball, a wicket has fallen every 6.5 overs

Once that ball gets older (30/40 overs) a wicket has fallen every 17.3 overs

That latter figure even includes the second new ball and the relative tumble of wickets at the end of the Yorkshire innings. If it continues it will be a slow afternoon and the match will conclude in a draw, although there might be a clatter of top-order Hants wickets after tea …

PS Six matches in this round and at tea on the final day, after decent weather, there have been two positive results. Meanwhile, Hove looks like a draw now while three matches have yet to conclude the third innings. 


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But will there be a football warm-up at tea time?

Comment by James

Table tennis and tiddly winks from now on …

Comment by pompeypop

Having represented Cambridge in the Tiddlywinks Varsity match, I look askance on your apparent flippancy in comparing it to something as trivial as whiff whaff. Tiddlywinks is a hard fought game.

The Tiddlywinks Anthem
(to the tune of Men of Harlech)

Other nations are before us
With their sputniks and explorers
What can confidence restore us?
Naught but tiddlywinks.
On the fields of Eton,
Former foes were beaten.
But today all patriots play
This sport which needs such grit and concentration.
Through this game of skill and power
England knows her finest hour,
And her stonghold shield and tower
Must be tiddlywinks.

Comment by Ageas

Did you get a blue Ageas?

Comment by James

Quarter Blue! Still have the scarf

Comment by Ageas


Comment by James

It seems they can go back to football as Kevan has just suggested the injury was obtained whilst running.

And if it is tiddly winks they need protective goggles at least!

Comment by James

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