Hampshire Cricket History

April 20, 2016, 10:07 am
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I can’t listen today – I’ll be in the nets having a bowl. I’ve got ten days to get match fit

What am I going on about?

Fidel Edwards was carried off on a stretcher during pre-match warm-up.

Before this PS … Kevan James has now reported that it was NOT while playing football but earlier ‘DT’ said it had been, which is what I reported

PS: From the commentary – (i) apparently it happened during a football game and (ii) he’s been taken to hospital. Later – they think not a broken ankle but probably out for a couple of months, after which I guess he’ll be off to play the West Indies Big Wallop  

PPS: Also on commentary – apparently Sean Terry scored a century for Northants 2nd XI yesterday


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We’ve declared 140 behind, who’ll be bowling? Is this a contrived finish?

Comment by Paul

Not sure we declared, more that we ran out of batsmen with Edwards injured.

Comment by Tigger Miles

Ah of course. Still 57-4 rather good

Comment by Paul

Yes, Edwards not even on the ground apparently

Comment by pompeypop

When will they learn? Playing soccer, a game prone to injury, as a warm-up for cricket is insanity! It would be interesting to know how many “football injuries” there are each season in all 1st class county cricket, but I doubt that the cricket hierarchy would want to keep such a statistic.

Comment by John West

Just Hampshire alone is depressing. Hampshire did ban soccer for awhile in favour of touch rugby.

Comment by Paul

Meanwhile the Seconds are belatedly making a fist of it at the ‘Bowl . .

Weatherley 100* as they are presently 185-1 in the last innings.

Comment by Bob Elliott

The Seconds only need about 500 more for victory . . .

Comment by Bob Elliott

Wish I’d placed that bet!

Comment by Paul

It seems they all went home at lunchtime or thereabouts with Hampshire 185-1.

Probably exhausted.

Comment by James

When I left at tea we had closed the gap to just under 400, but were 7 down.

And, though I’m sure it’s entirely unrelated to a recent book, three gents who might have had Somerset accents completed the job of completely removing the Cage cricket facility from the berm.

Comment by Jeremy

Bizarre, the Echo reported the game ending in a draw in a story published at 1.35pm

and the scorecard link on the official website shows the same score 185-1.

I think both need to employ you Jeremy!

Comment by James

Football or not? The BBC website this evening is reporting that Edwards was playing football when injured. Clearly he either was or wasn’t. No doubt about it.

Comment by pompeypop

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