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The Quiet Zone
April 26, 2016, 5:58 am
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Well not exactly but I’m about to be without computers for a couple of days while a new one gets sorted out. I can still post Comments but not actual new Posts, so anything I discover for a couple of days will be a Comment on here.

I’m off to see Tino and Craig Young later so there will be a photo or two as soon as I’m functioning properly.


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By the way, Brad Taylor has just hobbled through on crutches with his leg in one of those casts, up to the knee.

Comment by pompeypop


Comment by Ageas

Noooo……..what on earth is going on with all these injuries

Only checked here to say I hope you have plenty of layers to fight the cold but maybe you need to find some cotton wool & wrap up the remainder of the squad that are currently fit!

Comment by joster69

Brad fell down the steps between the berm and the field. I thought us pensioners were most at risk there. Could be out for several weeks, one of the other youngsters said.

Comment by Bob Elliott

The coaching team must be pulling their hair out (well those that still have some left!)

Comment by joster69

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