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Photo problem
April 28, 2016, 11:03 am
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Hedgehog writes (below) about the Barry Richards scorebook image

“Dave, the photo is difficult to read because it is not possible to click it and open it up to full resolution. Something has changed this year in how you upload images to the blog. To show how it used to be, I randomly selected your blog of March 31, 2013, where (left) clicking on the photo opens it up and details can be viewed”.

He’s right. I run another Blog called Pompey Pop (hence my ‘pen-name’) and the same thing has happened – there is a slightly different method for inserting images into these Posts.

Back then, once displayed you could click on them to enlarge and even drag and drop them onto the desk top and enlarge or play with them as you wish (I’m never bothered about copyright). Now you can’t do that either – indeed neither can I, despite being the Fat Controller.

Very sorry about that – I’m assuming that images like the Best/Young pic are OK because large enough and clear enough? If so, I’ll take more care what I post. Let me know

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Hi Dave, I can confirm the images in the Young & Best thread are fine for me.

Comment by James

A bit messy but to increase the size you can right click the image and then click “copy image”. Then paste into Word. Then right click the image in Word and click “Size and Position” and then increase the “Absolute Height” and “Absolute Width” values which appear in the pop-up “Layout” window.

This should work but unfortunately doesn’t help much with this particular image as the writing is too faint to read.

Comment by James

Many thanks for all that James – although I’m afraid Apple people like me can’t right click so I’ll just try to be more careful with size from now on

Comment by pompeypop

If you can install an add-on (like, for example, Thumbnail Zoom Plus) to your browser the image is expanded, and can be read clearly when you hover your mouse over it. That works for me, but may not be suitable for others.

Comment by Dave Pople

Thanks Dave. Despite running the Blog (etc), I’m hopeless with technology but I hope this will help. In the meantime I’ll keep trying to load up clear images

Comment by pompeypop

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