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Those were the days my friend
April 28, 2016, 7:31 am
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I’ve mentioned before that in addition to the excellent statistical work of Bob Murrell and ‘Tigger’ Miles, I have acquired two fine new Assistant Archivists, Richard Griffiths who lives in Yorkshire and Stephen Saunders who is from Hampshire but now lives in Kent. They do all kinds of splendid work and have expertise in our bibliography, autographs, scorecards, stamps, prices (buying and selling) etc. Richard will be around on Sunday. I believe the whole media enterprise is going to the Hotel but I’ll be in the Atrium before play and at lunchtime

Richard has been finding some ‘bits & pieces’ in the Hampshire Archive (Winchester) for Barry Richards including this masterpiece at one of those long-gone grounds:

Barry Richards Yorkshire Hampshire 1968.jpg

This is just a couple of months before Mary Hopkin’s big hit (!) but it’s fascinating. 10 batsmen struggled so that Hampshire’s 122 took 75 overs but Richards in his first full season on uncovered English pitches hit 70 out of 109. Incidentally even with wickets falling regularly, the over rate is nearly 18 per hour which over a day from 11am-6pm (with no overtime) would give 108 overs or twelve more per day than today. We don’t get four-day cricket now, we get three-and-a-half days – and it won’t be any better when Toby Roland-Jones turns up on Sunday!

(Incidentally if you meet him, be especially nice to Richard – he’s heavily involved in Bradford Park Avenue FC and they’ve just lost 2-3 at home. It’s not like watching Pompey’s triumphant march towards Wembley you know)

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Dave, the photo is difficult to read because it is not possible to click it and open it up to full resolution. Something has changed this year in how you upload images to the blog. To show how it used to be, I randomly selected your blog of March 31, 2013, where (left) clicking on the photo opens it up and details can be viewed.


Comment by Hedgehog

Yes I have noticed the same thing. Opening the image in a new tab doesn’t help either I’m afraid.

Comment by James

Bravo for this; that scoring brings back memories.

5-2, courtesy of Fred Truman. PJ Sainsbury at three and Barry Richards at four putting on thirty odd for the third wicket!

Comment by StephenFH

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