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There’s No Money in Cricket
April 29, 2016, 7:57 pm
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Whether the various England sides do well or not – and in the past 12 months they have – depends on County Cricket. No County Cricket, no decent cricketers, no decent England team. The ECB don’t give their money to the counties, they administer and distribute what English cricket makes among the various areas of English cricket. They use the counties’ grounds and the counties’ players. Only KP has ever come close to being a non-county player and at that point he did not play for England

So there’s an interesting story in today’s Times about the ECB’s 2015/16 accounts, with the headline “County Chiefs angry over ECB failure to share increased funds” (p 68). Among other things, it reveals:

The ECB has increased its reserves and its salary bill – the latter by £3.5 million to a total of £20 million and an average salary to its employees of £98,000

The ECB’s cash reserves have risen from £65 million to £73 million. The ‘paper adds:

“It is understood by The Times that a number of counties have expressed their dismay to Colin Graves” that the increase on salaries is 21% since the previous year, while the ECB “hands out” between £1.5 and £3 million to each county, depending on the number of their England players.


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The version I saw said the figures excluded Cricketers, which if true, makes them astonishing.

But if they do, they’re not so different from 2013-14, when “Cricketers” were paid £7.6m out of a £17.3m total, leaving the balance spread around a mere 193 others [including 28 umpires who collected £1.4m].

Last years report seemed to exclude this breakdown, doubtless reflecting all Sports administrators love of the disinfecting powers of sunlight 😉

Comment by Jeremy

I meant “if they do INCLUDE THEM…”

Comment by Jeremy

It is more likely they will see this as a reason to play the opening matches in the Emirates.

Comment by Terry Crump

As I have always said the ECB make millions by staging Test matches using the counties players and the counties grounds. They have nothing but marketing. The vast majority of Test match revenue should go directly to the counties.

Comment by James

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