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The Quiet Zone
April 26, 2016, 5:58 am
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Well not exactly but I’m about to be without computers for a couple of days while a new one gets sorted out. I can still post Comments but not actual new Posts, so anything I discover for a couple of days will be a Comment on here.

I’m off to see Tino and Craig Young later so there will be a photo or two as soon as I’m functioning properly.

Best & Worst
April 25, 2016, 9:30 am
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The news about Tino and Fidel is here:


(incidentally for any long-distance bloggers this morning in south Hampshire is rather horrid – wet, cold and windy so maybe not much Tino today)

LUNCH – Hampshire had a dodgy start, Alsop 0 and Weatherley 1. McManus went for 14 but Jimmy Adams is 33* and he’s just been joined by A West (Holy Smoke kids, on a day off from Batman).

TEA(ISH) – Adams now 80* – West went for 14, and Brad Taylor for 34. Ryan Stevenson beginning to look like a useful batsman

Jimmy went for 117, Stevenson 65, Tino’s gone for 1 (280-8) and I’ve been listening to Durham v Middx where it is snowing lightly!


How about Billy Bob?
April 25, 2016, 9:07 am
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Bob Elliott mailed me to say:

“The first wicket to fall today, in the Kent game, was ‘handled the ball’. I don’t remember ever seeing that in club cricket, let alone Hampshire. Has any Hampshire player been dismissed this rare way?”
He added: “I think my strangest was ‘hit-wicket’ off a wide!” (I’m not sure if he was batting or bowling at the time)
Well there is an answer of sorts although it’s against Hampshire and it created some confusion. At Coventry in 1963 Khalid ‘Billy’ Ibadulla was out ‘handled ball’ against us, although for years it was wrongly reported in Wisden as obstructed field (the Hampshire Handbook had it right). When I first discovered this confusion I asked some of our players but not one could remember a thing about it! Before any runs had been scored, Ibadulla played a ball from White which was then threatening to hit the stumps, but instead of playing it again with his bat, he took his hand off the handle and flicked it away.
In the match, Roy Marshall and MJK Smith scored centuries and Cartwright took 8-45 as Warwickshire won by 4 wickets. The only other Hampshire connection I can find is Desmond Haynes who coached us briefly, in a Test Match v India.


In Reserve
April 24, 2016, 3:59 pm
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Why did they used to call football’s reserve sides ‘The Stiffs’? I’ve no idea.

Tomorrow our 2nd XI play the first of a three-day match v Somerset at home – and I think it’s on the main ground. Bob Elliott has spotted that Tino Best is likely to play for Hampshire. On Thursday there will be a T20 ‘double header’ – and Tom Barber is expected to play for Somerset.

I’ve spent this afternoon at the Portsmouth Area Supporters lunch. We had two guests today, Jo Weatherley and Brad Wheal and they were delightful, with a range of stories about their early years, becoming professional cricketers, their current procedures and ambitions. They were not sure about the whole side tomorrow but certainly Craig Young (see below) and Tino Best are likely to compete with Brad for the new ball, while Brad Taylor, Mason Crane and Joe can bowl spin. Lewis McManus will keep wicket and Jimmy Adams will open with Joe.

That’s eight names, and Ryan Stevenson will probably play again as a batter after which it depends whether anyone from the first team will have a run out in search of some batting form. Otherwise I imagine they will turn to the Academy players.

What to call it …
April 24, 2016, 9:13 am
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and have you seen one?

I agree with Richie Benaud that the 22 yard strip of earth on which cricket is played is a pitch. A wicket is either a thing made of three stumps and two bails at the end of that 22 yards or it’s something that falls when a batsman is dismissed. Since the word pitch works perfectly well, there’s no need to confuse things with three separate definitions for the word wicket.

However, people do use the word wicket to name the pitch. Here’s an example from the Observer this morning and an interview with Paul Collingwood who said of Durham,

“Our new groundsman has had a full winter now and the wicket looks completely different … All we have ever wanted was a good cricket wicket, with nicks carrying to slip, runs available to batsmen, good balls rewarded and turn on the last day”.

The emphasis at the end there is mine but I’m interested that a man of Collingwood’s experience offers that as a definition of a “good cricket wicket”. It strikes me as a pretty good definition, but if it is true, why do umpires mark lots of Championship pitches as ‘good’ if, by-and-large, that is not what we get.

Some people are on the pitch …
April 23, 2016, 5:39 pm
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Apologies to any supporters of Aldershot, Bournemouth, Eastleigh, Montrose, Saints (etc) but here are a couple of pictures from my Saturday afternoon:

PFC 4.16

PFC 4.16b

Terry and I have spent the afternoon watching mighty Portsmouth clinch a place in the playoffs. So what you ask? What’s it got to do with cricket? Well we were presenting a Cage Cricket set to the PFC Community organisation, which they are very keen to use with kids in the city. The money is partly from sales of Forever Changes and partly in anticipation of further sales – and if there are even more, as I’ve said before, I’d be very happy to do the same in Southampton – although I might not make the presentation at St Mary’s, if that’s OK?

(Photo: Terry, Claire from Pompey in Community, Ian McInnes Chairman of Pompey and me)


Not the first
April 23, 2016, 9:10 am
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News from the BBC (etc)


“Hampshire have signed Ireland seamer Craig Young on a short-term loan deal. The 26-year-old right-arm bowler has played nine one-day and 10 Twenty20 internationals for Ireland, and was previously on the books at Sussex. He will appear for Hampshire’s second XI against Somerset on Monday”.

He’s not Hampshire’s first Irishman of course – in 1973 there was Andy Murtagh from Dublin and in 1899, the man who enjoyed that finest of all seasons RM Poore. Less well-known is EE Bowen who played briefly in the County Club’s very first season (1864) and Henry Maturin also appeared in 1864 although played until 1882. 60 years after our first season, there was Robert St Leger Fowler from Enfield, Ireland – one of the few county cricketers to be named after a horse race, and a more notable cricketer of Lord Tennyson’s era was TO Jameson – more appropriately named after an Irish whiskey! (Is this amusing you? Don’t forget we have Dave “May your God go with you” Allen too).

In addition, Craig is not our first C Young – Charles Robertson Young remains the youngest player ever to appear in an English first-class inter-county match – at the age of 15 in 1867.

Incidentally, Hamza Ali, having played v Cardiff University, thereby securing his place in immortality on the Atrium Players’ Board, seems to have disappeared (?)


No Play Today
April 22, 2016, 1:33 pm
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And it’s a good job because if there was, there wouldn’t be


I’ve been at the ground today and those pitch ends aren’t dusty – they’re muddy. Indeed in part they are puddles

Fidel Edwards
April 21, 2016, 3:19 pm
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He’s spent the night in hospital having broken his leg

The BBC is still reporting that they believe he did it while playing football. The Hampshire website makes no comment on that but describes it as a fractured ankle

Just one defeat …
April 20, 2016, 3:18 pm
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in the past eight Championship matches – and that one somewhat undeserved.

‘Tommo’ took just seven wickets in the last 14 Championship matches last year but as the end approaches today, his third wicket brings him to eight already this year in just three innings. Meanwhile the captain has now doubled his wicket haul of 2015.

PS As James noted, the usually reliable website suggests that Hants and Surrey 2nd XIs gave up and went home after lunch. Maybe they did (it was a friendly).

They didn’t – see Comment

PPS The BBC website tonight (Cricket tables) suggests that Hampshire are the only side to have suffered a Deduction (over rate) in either Division: one point