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May 6, 2016, 1:46 pm
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Assuming there are 96 overs per day – and ignoring deductions for change of innings – I suggested that a wicket needs to fall every 10 overs, although strictly speaking it’s 9.6

Except of course that we could have a match won off the last ball with the full quota of overs in which only 20 wickets fall (300 all out, plays 400-0 dec, plays 300 all out, plays 201-0).

So I need to be cautious about such stats. Given that, here are some figures from Division One so far which suggest that the weather may be a bigger factor than the pitches – although for sure it’s the pace bowlers who are taking wickets

In the 13 Division One matches played to date, a wicket has fallen on average every 10.83 overs – almost enough to ensure 10 wickets a day and in all probability a finish. But if we assume that a full game minus overs for change of innings will last about 375 overs, we discover that not one match has so far reached 350 overs and only six have passed 300, including one of 301 overs. That was one of the two result matches (Notts beat Surrey) in which a wicket fell every 8 overs. The other was Lancs beating Notts in 297 overs with a wicket every 9.3 overs

In Hampshire’s games the averages have been, v Warwicks 10.3, v Yorks 13.0 and v Middx 11.6. However, as ‘Tigger’ has pointed out, matches are only lasting the equivalent of three days with an average of 289 overs per match in these first 13 games over four rounds.

The question there of course is whether we should be surprised that matches played in April are particularly affected by the weather?

PS: The ‘worst’ offender so far is Taunton, for Somerset v Lancs, in the last round, where a wicket fell on average once every 16 overs (ie six per day). No surprise with that location of course and it’s the one Vic Marks writes about below. However, Surrey v Durham this week wasn’t far short on 15.1.


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Just announced – another hired gun – Gareth Andrew from Worcestershire . .

Comment by Bob Elliott

Worryingly he has spent much of the last two seasons injured! Good when fit though.

Comment by James

Hmm. We’ve had an Andrew before. I wonder where that leaves Young (etc)?

Comment by pompeypop

I’d assumed a loan but actually match-by-match, having been released by Worcs last year. Didn’t we sign a pace bowler with injury problems from Worcs once before? We won the Cup with him!

Mind you, I’m going to need a bigger board …

Comment by pompeypop

Talking of pace bowlers, I see that a Kent pace bowler has been suspended for two games for being naughty …

Comment by Dave Allen

And two of the infractions that have led to Hampshire labouring under a ‘suspended sentence’ were due to Coles. Dave, do you know when the year of the ‘suspended sentence’ ends? I think it must be sometime in June: I get the collywobbles whenever one of our lot hesitates even momentarily when given out, in case in brings down the wrath of the ECB. (Talking of whom: the ECB report on the last day of the Middx game was headed ‘Adams and Wheater Thwart Hampshire’. It’s lucky that the ECB website is so bad, and so difficult to navigate, that probably few people have noticed.)

Comment by Ageas

I confess I’m not sure. I’ll see what I can discover. I never look at the ECB site – now I know why!

Comment by Dave Allen

The last player we had called Gareth, released by his previous county due to injury, did rather well. Gareth Andrew for Player of the Season?

Comment by Ageas

I like that! Incidentally, ref Young, I see that Wheal is in the squad (along with Alsop) but not Young. There’s only been one match at Old Trafford so far, it ended in a home win and the wickets went mainly to the pace men – if Dawson is fit to bowl I wonder whether Crane or Wheal will bowl?

Comment by pompeypop

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