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Costa del Pompey
May 8, 2016, 7:45 am
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So around 8.30, I strolled down to the newsagents in T-shirt and shorts, thinking it was a bit like being on one of those sun-drenched Mediterranean holidays.

Now I confess I’m not a big fan of them – I get a bit bored and frustrated, especially waiting 24 hours for yesterday’s papers. Then I discover that it’s exactly like that here today. “No papers sir, sorry”. No papers! It’s Sunday morning! No papers? What does that mean – conversation over breakfast?

Well there was one to buy (below) and thereby hangs another sad tale. 50+ years ago I started buying the ‘Pink/Blue/Green ‘Un’, every Saturday night to get all the info that you could not then get on phones, tablets, computers etc. In the summer thay kept us up-to-date with local and county cricket.

Here’s last night’s

Sports Mail final

It’s memorable not so much for yet another gloomy sailor, but because it’s the last one ever – it was resurrected once but now it’s done for, people no longer buy it in sufficient numbers.

Mind you, it has an interesting title: Sports Mail (Sports) – there is not a mention throughout of cricket.


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To be fair they do cover cricket when the footy is over and have a column written by a player – James Tomlinson for the last couple of seasons.

Comment by Paul

Not this year though Paul, as it’s all over (the paper that is, not the footy)

Comment by pompeypop

The Southampton ‘Pink’ is stiil going, and has 2 full pages of cricket today. In the ‘old’ days when it was the ‘Football Echo’ it was 8 pages max, with a small Holt and Haskell, and a Toomer’s advert tucked away somewhere. Today’s is 40 pages but 9 of them are adverts, hardly any sport related.

Comment by Bob Elliott

The Echo’s coverage of Hampshire cricket is far superior to the Pompey News, especially now that Steve Wilson has left – although tomorrow’s short agency piece will probably suffice! The Pompey News these days is best on Friday and Monday covering the local clubs/leagues.

Comment by pompeypop

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