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ECB: A T-Rex Killing Machine
May 9, 2016, 2:27 pm
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Worth a read but alongside Old Trafford, it won’t cheer you up:


(Nothing to do with Marc Bolan)



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How depressing! Better news from Old Trafford, we have a point!

Comment by Tigger Miles

Sad, considering that the ECB added 8 million to their reserves. Perhaps we could all send some loo rolls to Northampton at least.

Comment by Hedgehog

Interesting comments about lunches: players get fed if they work all day, not just at matches but also training. I’ve done lots of jobs from council labourer to school teacher to Head of a University Dept and the only time I didn’t have to buy my own lunch was when I was actually working through my allocated lunch time (eg in a formal meeting or supervising kids’ lunches ). I imagine that’s a fairly typical tale?

Comment by pompeypop

Same with me Dave but it tends to be slightly different for professional athletes where the employers want to monitor their diet doesn’t it? (Finances providing of course!).

Comment by James

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