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May 19, 2016, 1:05 pm
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There will be a few of you out there who have seen Vince dismissed like that before – and just after a cover and a straight drive, both to the boundary. There might another reason for England to stop playing at Headingley – they’re not very good there …

Geoffrey says: “”That’s gorgeous bowling but it’s not there to drive. That’s on the up. The foot could have been much closer to the ball. They play so much one-day cricket and they come to Tests where the ball just does a fraction and they can’t change. That’s good bowling but, if Vince is honest, he will say it’s not really there.”

Vince in.jpg

Vince's first Test run.jpg

Not my finest photos although I’ll share my TV screen with you. James Vince arrives to bat and (below) scores his first run in Test cricket.

There’s another reason not to play at Headingley now – the weather!


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Very predictable I’m afraid. A few glorious strokes followed by a very loose one and the inevitable walk back to the pavilion.

Comment by James

ECB have just announced Jake Ball will be released to play for Notts against us – but he will be replaced in the game after day 2 if he is selected in the England squad for the second test.

Comment by James

Clearly then a situation where the abolition of the toss is unfair. Notts can choose to bowl first, get the best from Ball and quite probably replace him with a batsman.

Comment by pompeypop

If Ball was hit and concussed during the first two days and I hope he is not, then does that mean he cannot be replaced?

Comment by Ian

And what if he was injured playing football or falling down the steps?

Comment by James

But won’t Notts have to nominate the replacement prior to the start of the game – or does that only work in reverse (where the player leaving the game has to be nominated in advance)?

Comment by James

I think probably yes but if you knew you were bowling first with your England bowler, you might fancy an extra batsman to hammer home the advantage. I don’t particularly object in principle to either the toss ruling or Test subs but I’m not comfortable with the two together. Maybe we can have Vince back from Tuesday!

Comment by pompeypop

Definitely not a fair situation with the new toss/non-toss……surely he’s either available or not available for selection.

Comment by joster69

A (slightly) better start to his test career than Chris Smith.

Comment by StephenFH

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