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May 23, 2016, 7:00 am
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Today’s Times (Ivo Tennant) p 54

“Darren Sammy and Shahid Afridi arrive in time for their first match in the Natwest T20 Blast this week but the box-office appeal would have come through one Kevin Pietersen. ‘I talked to him in Dubai and wanted him to play for us but he said the structure would not suit him’, Rod Bransgrove the chairman said. ‘It is a shame players like him are not taking part’

(I did comment on this but I’m afraid I had to censor myself)


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Well, I think we can probably agree that “It is a shame”.

Though possibly there’s some variance on what we mean by “It”?!

Comment by Jeremy

At what point I wonder does integrity take over from money?

Comment by James

“It is a shame”…….. a shame that he would even be considered as a possibility & a shame that RB has no idea what the real supporters of this club would make of that particular signing!

I know RB has put a lot of time, effort & money into the club and I respect him for that but sometimes the business side of him seems completely oblivious (dare I say “couldn’t care less”) about those of us that turn up in all weathers year after year. And I know I am a mere infant compared to most of you when it comes to the years of support given.

Sadly this year’s forum gave us a clear picture of what he thinks about the supporters. 🙁

Comment by joster69

Thanks Jo. For those of you who don’t know her, it would be difficult to find a more committed and crucially more positive supporter than Jo which for me adds force to those arguments. Increasingly I feel like I’m in the ‘old and in the way’ group, but Jo’s a mere youngster so if she feels like this …

Comment by pompeypop

…….you are too kind Dave. I have to say I do enjoy T20 as much as the Championship cricket but still think that all formats can stay true to the original game without affecting each other negatively. Sadly cricket has become less of a sport & more of a business. I too, understand the needs of a business to move forward but those old regular & loyal customers also have to be cherished & remembered

Comment by joster69

I’m (almost) speechless.

I could tolerate him playing for another county, as he may text Hampshire’s captain with details of his own teammates’ batting weaknesses.

Comment by Hedgehog

KP back in a Hampshire shirt (number 666 I assume), I literally cannot think of anything worse. Also as far as I am aware, Southampton is still the same distance from London!

Comment by Tigger

Trying to get KP here is all about putting bums on seats and extra income that could be made from such a signing…so I agree with all of your comments.

Other irks I have,

Why does John White never say when a batsman is out for nought when that this was the case. He should say 0 or without scoring.

And why do Executive Club members not use their allocated seating area on roof terrace…. us plebs get moved out if we dare sit in this area. Why is there no check on membership cards for access to roof terrace via the staircases or is the area just a free for all. Have never had mine checked in last 15 years.

Also no apology for non working turnstiles this week and the hand held machine did not seem to work as well.

And finally I suspect all our names will go on the list when the “management” read these comments.

Comment by John Cottrell

With regard to the score not being announced when a batsman is dismissed without scoring I’m sure it is the announcer following the old convention of not highlighting the batsman’s failure.

In a sport increasingly selling its soul to the devil I find it rather a decent thing to do.

And the score can be found on both scoreboards of course.

Comment by James

Indeed but all other counties say 0 or without scoring…..

Comment by John Cottrell

We’re all doomed John and I’ll be the first to get it! Still it was a great day today- really cheered me up

Comment by pompeypop

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