Hampshire Cricket History

v Middlesex T20
May 27, 2016, 7:38 am
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Hants: P23 Won 14 Lost 8 plus two abandoned/NR

Hampshire have won seven of the last nine matches, Middlesex two, with one additional match no result.

Middlesex won the T20 in 2008 at the Rose Bowl but otherwise have only reached the Quarter-Finals once – in 2005

Hants 225-2 v Middx at Rose Bowl in 2006 remains Hants highest total in T20

Middx 210-6 v Hants at Rose Bowl in 2005, third highest ever v Hants

Hants 99 all out v Middx at Rose Bowl in 2010, fourth lowest ever by Hants.

Middx have never been dismissed by Hampshire under 100. Their lowest v Hants is 121-9 at Uxbridge in 2011

MJ Lumb 93 in 2009 at Rose Bowl is Hants’ HS v Middx

PJ Stirling 82* in 2012 at Richmond is Middx HS v Hants

S Ervine 4-16 in 2009 at Uxbridge is Hants BB (wkts) v Middx

J Louw 4-18 in 2006 at Southgate is Middx BB (wkts) v Hants


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I was thinking about Jo’s dislike of the phrase “proper cricket”. I wasn’t the only one to trot that one out during this week’s Championship match. Purely by chance the next cricket I watched was last night’s T20 Surrey v Glamorgan (on TV). I guess it was good watching if you’re Welsh but for a neutral it was tripe – a non event and what’s more a non event from the first power play. Glams won eventually by 8 wickets with about 8 overs to go – in fact not a ‘match’ at all. It’s the great danger with T20 although the last one I watched was the T20 World Final …

So, two thoughts: ‘Proper’ cricket for me is a match in which the draw is a possibility and it’s a result that can sometimes be a considerable achievement. Theoretically that cannot happen in ‘one day’ cricket but actually I am of an age when it was possible. In nine seasons (1959-1967) I never played a school match in which there had to be a winner. Secondly, and related, I started watching county and Test cricket before the ‘invention’ of limited overs competitions (1963 in the county game) and I think that historical perspective, which is merely a matter of age and opportunity, frames the way I think about cricket.

However I have seen some thrilling limited overs matches over the past 50 years and some crummy first-class matches. I used the phrase ‘Proper Cricket’ this week in referring to a match in which all four results were distinct possibilities at tea on day four, because the pitch enabled a ‘proper’ balance between bat & ball. If the ECB agreed in exchange to cutting the number of games, that all matches would ensure that balance, I might even settle for that.

Comment by pompeypop

It may or may not please you to know that using the term “Proper Cricket” would mean that you are “totally” up with the times. Not sure if it is the sponsors choice or not but #ProperCricket is being used widely (& encouraged) in Championship tweets this season.

I’m all for hashtags that bring a common subject together but as the real push is to get a younger audience involved doesn’t this one mean that the cricket they play isn’t classed as “proper” at all.

Not sure what would have been wrong with #SSCC unless it’s already been used……as we all know the shorter the better on Twitter. Not easy to get everything you want to say in 140 characters so a short hashtag is a good hashtag.

Apologies to those who don’t use Twitter & are reading this thinking “what on earth?”……….

#Confused 🤔

Comment by joster69

Blimey Jo, I didn’t know that – there again as you are very aware I’m a bit of a beginner on this tweeting/twitter lark

Comment by pompeypop

I think you have moved up the ladder from beginner…….you’ve recently mastered tagging players in your photos!

Comment by joster69

Have I? Goodness me – what’s “tagging” Jo?

Comment by pompeypop

A good knock by Malan but otherwise something of a non-event this year.

Middlesex leading the way with the return of the out grounds (four spread around the counties).

Comment by StephenFH

I was out last night. From the look of things, I’m glad I missed it.

Comment by Dave Allen

I had to go out too so finished listening when Adam Wheater was smashing fours……was sounding okay then. Sadly missed Liam’s innings but great to see he scored a few even in a losing cause.

As for “tagging” Dave ……..it’s quoting their Twitter name in your tweet……

So, if you take your picture of Tino as an example……

Writing “Tino” means he is unlikely to see it (unless he follows you) whereas writing “@TinoBest” means he’ll almost definitely get to see it.

So you write your tweet with or without “@their name” depending whether you want players to see it or not.

Hope that makes sense!

Also, in answer to your “proposal” the other day……I will definitely have a chat with you about it & what it might entail.

Comment by joster69

Cheers Jo, excellent, we will chat more – and how exciting, I’ve tagged Tino. It’s slightly alarming given his recent revelations that I was a tagging virgin and he was the first one … (nope, not going there!

Comment by pompeypop

Ha……listening last night he was at it again……shame you & your camera missed it……you could have a whole new quest of how many grounds you could capture Tino in a compromising position at!

Comment by joster69

Camera primed and ready for tomorrow!

Comment by pompeypop

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