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A New Ground
May 28, 2016, 5:15 pm
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Strange weather about down south today but it’s been beautiful all day in Sunny Southsea and the forecast looks good so I’m off to MT’s tomorrow – never been there before – and planning to do some sessions with Mr James on ball-by-ball

Our first match against them in 1864 was in Islington and Middlesex do play away from Lord’s quite often these days, but in 1959 when we beat them at Hornsey it was their first home match away from headquarters since the Championship was formalised in 1890. Maybe because we won, they hurried back to Lord’s!

(Two thoughts about the Test: once again it’s unlikely that James will get a second innings and the over rate today is dreadful. Perhaps the spectators will get a rebate for the overs they won’t see?)

PS: Tomorrow’s 13 adds Andrew and Wheal to the team that beat Notts. I suppose they might rest ‘Tommo’, although there is exactly four weeks until the next Championship match. The weather looks ‘iffy’ for Tuesday at present.


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There were 81 overs bowled today in the Test Match even with the extra half-hour. In that game at Hornsey, when they played a fixed six hours (possibly a bit less on day three) the two sides in four innings bowled 331 overs in three days. That’s an average of almost 30 more than at Durham today!

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