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Not deserved
May 30, 2016, 4:27 pm
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I hope (very optimistically) that Hampshire get out of this with a wonderful 2nd innings batting display – but I hope it’s not simply as a consequence of bad weather because they don’t deserve that.

PS Thriller at Taunton, Somerset won by one wicket so I think Surrey remain at the foot of the table whatever happens at Northwood

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Doesn`t look hopeful for much play tomorrow but Wednesday should be dry if a bit overcast and dull ( hopefully unlike the cricket ).

Comment by Brian.JS

It shouldn’t need much more play for Middlesex to complete a massive innings win after yet another pathetic batting performance.

Lack of ability? Lack of mental strength? Lack of pride? Lack of interest? All four?

Never mind there will be another slog game in a couple of days and the “batsmen” will only need to occupy the crease for a few balls so it’s all ok isn’t it?

Comment by James

What will our playing management have to say about this latest fiasco as listening to any of Messrs White and Benkenstein interviews do nothing for me in relation to them having the nous to get this team performing.

Time for changes I think….

Comment by John Cottrell

Whereas I agree that we desperately need changes I don’t know where they are going to come from. I have quite a lot of time for Giles White I have never really seen what Mr Benkenstein brings to the party I’m afraid so maybe Giles returning to his old role might be a start.

As for the team the problem is with Vince gone frankly we only have one player (Carberry) good enough to bat in the top five. Adams and Smith (much as I like them) are past their prime and never really good enough for Division One cricket respectively.

Ervine never delivers as a top five Championship batsman and Dawson does a lot of things quite well but nothing consistently well which makes them all candidates for six, seven and eight along with Wheater, McLaren and Berg (when fit).

So where do we get four top five batsmen from? We could look to the likes of Alsop, Weatherly and McManus but it would be too much to throw all three in at the deep end in a sinking side. Could we pick up one or two loan players? Possibly but if they were good enough they would be playing already.

So all in all I think there is very little we can do. But I would move the coaches around and concentrate on improving the mental preparation of the batsmen in particular.

Well that’s my two-pennyworth!

Comment by James

In regard to you last comment James about mental preparation on the radio commentary yesterday (Monday) there was a discussion with Owais Shah who apparently wants to get involved with players preparation on a sort of mentor basis and I understand did talk to some of the Hampshire players at Merchant Taylors School about this with Giles White blessing. Also Owais would still like to play cricket somewhere and does turn out for his local club on a regular basis.

Comment by John Cottrell

I agree entirely, John – and what does Craig White do???

Comment by John West

Wander around and have the occasional fag!

Comment by Ageas

In broad terms I see nothing to celebrate in a break of almost four weeks in Championship matches but this season it might be the only hope.

Comment by pompeypop

Looking back to one of the early T20 seasons, before the T20 we hardly scored a batting point let alone won a match. After the T20 we could not stop scoring runs, getting 4 or 5 points a match. Let’s hope the break coming up has the same effect.

Comment by Bob Murrell

Perhaps relegation to Div 2 will be a blessing. Out with the old and bring in Alsop and Weatherley to open next year with McManus batting lower down.

If may take a few years but very few + from the old guard this season so far. Injuries have not helped along the way either.

Comment by Ron Griffiths

At MTS yesterday, there was lots of speculation that Hampshire would be penalised for a slow overrate. In the rather ramshackle arrangements there, I had overlooked the fact that in the scorers’ tent, only partly visible above the advertising hoardings, was a tin sign saying +/- and a number, which was presumably the overrate.
I only noticed this during our second innings, but some were saying that it was -4 at the end of the Middlesex innings – despite 36 overs from Crane and Dawson. Cricinfo suggests it was -3. Should we not bowl again, which seems unlikely, we would lose 3 points, giving us -2 for the match if we also lose the game.
Is there any way of confirming this?

Comment by Ageas

One saving grace is that the umpires are allowed to make adjustments to the required over rate for delays such as the fall of wickets.

Oh, hang on a moment …………

Comment by James

I have some “unofficial” info that Hampshire’s over rate is indeed of the minus variety in this match although it might still be adjusted. However if we play enough to lose we might end up with fewer points for the season than we started – we might even fall below Surrey.

Comment by pompeypop

Yes the updated table on the BBC shows us with -2 points….what a shambles….

Comment by John Cottrell

Seems Root Bairstow Woakes and Ball are released to play T20 on Friday.

But not JV.

Doubtless the ECB have a reason that makes sense to them…

Comment by Jeremy

If they have it will be money related.

Comment by James

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