Hampshire Cricket History

“We’ll support you ever more”
May 29, 2016, 7:38 pm
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One of those days that sorts out the real fans!

M Taylors 2.jpg

(This is Kevan’s tent, doubling as a windbrake)


While inside Kevin Hand (BBC London) and Nick Gubbins (Middlesex) are on air while our Kevan files a report.

The view from inside:

In the tent.jpg



Shot of the Day
May 29, 2016, 7:24 pm
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M taylors.jpgThis says it all really. It was bloody freezing unless you could get out of the wind (not simple) and into the occasional sun, that did not arrive until this afternoon

And the cricket? Preferably out of focus and in the distance.

“Up in the morning,
May 29, 2016, 6:33 am
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And off to school, the teacher is teaching the Golden Rule” (Berry C, 1957)

Or maybe not today.

I’ll stick anything relevant, gleaned during the day, on here – photos tonight.

A New Ground
May 28, 2016, 5:15 pm
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Strange weather about down south today but it’s been beautiful all day in Sunny Southsea and the forecast looks good so I’m off to MT’s tomorrow – never been there before – and planning to do some sessions with Mr James on ball-by-ball

Our first match against them in 1864 was in Islington and Middlesex do play away from Lord’s quite often these days, but in 1959 when we beat them at Hornsey it was their first home match away from headquarters since the Championship was formalised in 1890. Maybe because we won, they hurried back to Lord’s!

(Two thoughts about the Test: once again it’s unlikely that James will get a second innings and the over rate today is dreadful. Perhaps the spectators will get a rebate for the overs they won’t see?)

PS: Tomorrow’s 13 adds Andrew and Wheal to the team that beat Notts. I suppose they might rest ‘Tommo’, although there is exactly four weeks until the next Championship match. The weather looks ‘iffy’ for Tuesday at present.

It’s Frustrating!
May 27, 2016, 4:27 pm
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I really want him to do well. Lovely guy, beautiful batsman but …

In 2015 he got back into Division One where he has since played 35 Championship innings (not including any other first-class games, just for Hampshire)

In 20% of those innings, he has passed 50 and in 6% he has passed 100 (ie twice)

Here’s a comparison with Hampshire’s great batsmen, the ones of international class who played regularly for the county (so not that other bloke). The stats here are just in matches for Hampshire

Centuries: Mead 12%, Richards 11%, Greenidge 10%, Robin Smith 10%, Marshall 7%

Over 50: Richards 38%, Mead 32%, Greenidge 31%, Smith 26%, Marshall 25%

In fairness, I’m not comparing like-with-like above. At the start of 2016 James Vince in all first-class Hampshire matches had played 166 innings with 16 centuries (10%) and 41 over 50 (25%) but he has played a lot of Div Two cricket, all on covered pitches over four days not three, and when batsmen are overall averaging higher scores than they did back in the post-war decades (although towards the end of his career Greenidge batted on covered pitches).

The worry is that people already know how to get him out and Test bowlers are good enough to do that regularly, as they have done in his first two innings.

May 27, 2016, 3:34 pm
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Somewhere over 20 and less than 50, looking set, toss the ball up outside off stump and it’s highly probable he’ll hit a catch to cover*. Today offered the perfect opportunity – VERY disappointing

*His first-class scores this season: 25, 21, 119, 25, 38, 0, 47, 9, 35 – that’s six times out of nine

v Middlesex T20
May 27, 2016, 7:38 am
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Hants: P23 Won 14 Lost 8 plus two abandoned/NR

Hampshire have won seven of the last nine matches, Middlesex two, with one additional match no result.

Middlesex won the T20 in 2008 at the Rose Bowl but otherwise have only reached the Quarter-Finals once – in 2005

Hants 225-2 v Middx at Rose Bowl in 2006 remains Hants highest total in T20

Middx 210-6 v Hants at Rose Bowl in 2005, third highest ever v Hants

Hants 99 all out v Middx at Rose Bowl in 2010, fourth lowest ever by Hants.

Middx have never been dismissed by Hampshire under 100. Their lowest v Hants is 121-9 at Uxbridge in 2011

MJ Lumb 93 in 2009 at Rose Bowl is Hants’ HS v Middx

PJ Stirling 82* in 2012 at Richmond is Middx HS v Hants

S Ervine 4-16 in 2009 at Uxbridge is Hants BB (wkts) v Middx

J Louw 4-18 in 2006 at Southgate is Middx BB (wkts) v Hants