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That’s the trouble you see
June 30, 2016, 1:37 pm
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Spend too much time on cricket and


Matt Coles in trouble again
June 30, 2016, 1:09 pm
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Paul will be relieved
June 29, 2016, 8:15 pm
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Jason Roy just out, only five runs short of ROBIN SMITH’S all-time record limited-overs score for England of 167* (v Australia in 1993).

No I can’t
June 29, 2016, 6:59 pm
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(Keep the pop references going that is)

There is a social media Guardian article suggesting that Hampshire are interested in signing Varun Chopra from Warwickshire


PS: Excellent strategy by England this week – James Vince wisely kept out of a Championship match, to prepare for the next Test by sitting on his backside


Bye, Bye Baby
June 29, 2016, 6:30 pm
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(Can I keep these pop references going?)

There’s an interesting earlier comment (below) by Keith about the extras conceded by Hampshire this season – many thanks. At around the same time, I was chatting to Kevan James at the ground and doing a similar bit of research.

Keith reports his figures covering the first six Championship matches when Wheater was ‘keeping’ but I think he’s added in the figures for the single Somerset innings (McManus). I went to the same BBC site and I think that in the first six matches Hampshire conceded 71 byes in a total of 788.3 overs at an average of one bye every 11.10 overs.

In the one innings against Somerset there were nine byes in the 100 overs, so one every 11.11 overs – absolutely no difference (albeit one innings is a small ‘sample’).

I do agree completely too with Tigger’s observation that these days umpires tend to penalise wicketkeepers for stray bowling from quick bowlers. There might be fewer byes – and more wides.

Keith’s comparison with Middlesex is absolutely fascinating because the difference is considerable. It seems to suggest that in addition to the slow over rate, Hampshire’s outcricket lacks discipline – another reason they sit last in the table?

So Tired, Tired of Waiting
June 29, 2016, 4:26 pm
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Day 4 crowd.jpg

Today’s ‘crowd’ in the Atrium between lunch and the time it was finally called off (around 3pm). In the foreground, Jeff and Roger from Hospital Radio, left, John from Gosport and standing watching the ODI, Bob Murrell.

Just behind the spot where I took this, alongside the Women’s exhibition Dale B, Giles W and Will Smith were having a meeting which I guess was to pick the side/squad for Durham. Meanwhile, with the 2nd XI match in Wales washed out, their side returned to the ground and shortly after Dale B returned and had a meeting with Adam Wheater. I’ve absolutely no idea what was said and can only report that Adam’s face was impassive throughout.

Clearly, since McManus was selected for this match for the first time this season, he is certain to be selected in Durham. We know that Dawson cannot play. Otherwise we’ll have to wait to find out.

I’m not a Wurzels fan
June 29, 2016, 7:51 am
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But I am an at heart an ageing hippy and full of the desire for peace & love across the universe so I’m going to start a new thread but still on the topic of team selection. We have a couple of quite delightful bloggers, loyal and committed Hampshire fans not getting on right now, and debating an issue which won’t go away, has never really ceased since Adam Wheater replaced Michael Bates three years ago and might reflect bigger but hidden (from our eyes/ears) issues. In a sense we’ve never really recovered from the departure of Nic Pothas who at number six often dug us out of a hole.

Here is a simple proposition: if our top five were scoring the runs we need and expect from them, the choice of wicketkeeper would be less pressing.

Other thoughts

Adam Wheater often outscores and outbats (in terms of approach) the specialists. The classic example is Hove last year when he set up the match for Edwards to win it. Without Wheater then, no victory. I think he’s good enough to play as a specialist batter like Steven Davies at Surrey, but if he doesn’t want that he might have to go

Wheater is not the finest ‘keeper in the world but he doesn’t make lots of errors and until the arrival of Crane there was little need for specialist skills in the Championship. Stand back, hold ‘nicks’ collect balls that beat the bat, try to stop the wilder excesses of Tino. It’s a shame but the ‘art’ of wicketkeeping is one of the casualties of all the changes in first-class cricket. The range of necessary skills has simply shrunk.

McManus is a delightful young man but is too new for us to know about his ability at this level. At Minor Counties, 2nd XI and League level he’s a very good batter. In the first team, he batted heroically last year v Durham and also in a mess at Headingley. On Sunday he got the ‘killer’ ball, second up. It might have done for anyone.

BUT is there something more, behind the scenes, not just about ‘life’ in the field? Is there stuff we don’t, can’t, should not know about? On the subject of a different player, at the end of last night’s interview with Dale B, he ‘admitted’ that moving Carberry to four was partly about motivating him and hinted this had perhaps been a problem since his Ashes tour**. We can’t be surprised to hear that can we? I’ve had lots of conversations with supporters who have asked about his body language/attitude etc for some time and now, very gently it’s been slipped in to the end of a broader discussion.

Is there some kind of different yet similar issue with Wheater? I’ve honestly no idea but I suspect he’s not thrilled to be playing for the 2nd XI at Neath while people who are scoring fewer runs are in the first team.

FINALLY: If we were top-of-the-table there would be no problem. At the moment we seem to be acting in sympathy with the country at large!

I’m all for robust debate on here – keep it coming – because it shows you care (and since I know those engaged right now I can tell you they do care) but peace and love to you all my brothers and sisters


Dale B: https://audioboom.com/boos/4758123-listen-hantscricket-coach-dale-benkenstein-after-day-3-v-somerset

**Carberry at around 2 mins 10 secs to the end

Was it Better in the Old Days?
June 28, 2016, 8:47 pm
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Of course it was.

40 years ago today was a Monday, the second day of a match v Middlesex at Lord’s. In Southampton the temperature reached the mid-30s, a record, during the great heatwave.

On Saturday 79 by Mike Brearley took Middx to 237 (Southern 4-49). Hampshire replied with 265 (Gilliat 65, Titmus 4-82) and then a Brearley century in 275 all out (Mike Taylor 5-24) left us needing 248 to win. Richard Lewis made 59 (Greenidge was on tour) and with Richards poorly his opening partner David Turner led the way with 116* as Hampshire won by six wickets with just three balls to spare.  

And imagine this. In a game that went the full distance in fine weather the two sides bowled 346 overs in those three days – an average of 115 per day or 19+ per hour, as opposed to the 96 they usually bowl today (16 per hour), and that generally with overtime.

Turner DR

That’s your lot folks
June 28, 2016, 4:40 pm
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Around 3.15pm. Is that the end of the match?

Rain v S'set.jpg

Alsop’s 50
June 28, 2016, 4:25 pm
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Tom Alsop completes a second run off Jack Leach to reach his second Championship half-century earlier today:

Alsop 50 v S'set.jpg

(left to right) Davies, Alsop, Leach, Myburgh, Smith.

Alsop v Overton.jpg

Alsop plays to leg a ball from Overton