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June 5, 2016, 7:40 pm
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The key moment. Zaidi launches into Berg and Will Smith holds the catch



Sorry it’s a bit blurred but I was moving as quickly as Will


It’s well over two hours since the game finished, and for a neutral it was a very good game but ultimately – in the last three overs – I think Hampshire lost it more than Essex won. From the point (above) when Zaidi was out we should have taken control but we got almost everything wrong in those last three overs.

Over the past 57 years I’ve seen lots of Hampshire defeats and lots of poorer performances, but somehow this one has left me feeling really angry. As a consequence I shall shut up now. Maybe it is the hope that kills you. If I cheer up there are lots more photos although you can find some at Jo’s Twitter site @Joster69


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Good game and some encouraging performances, but I absolutely agree that we lost it, rather than Essex winning it. Inexplicable tactics in the field at the end. I share your anger, as they say!

Comment by David Atkinson

…and after that awful mis-field in the closing minutes, we need a new wicket keeper. Oh, I forgot that you were in the squad, Lewis – Oh, and get well soon Tom!

Comment by John West

That’s unfair the bowling at the end was shambolic.

Comment by Paul

I agree with that Paul! (About the bowling)

Comment by Dave Allen

And your forgetting the two stumping a and catch notwithstanding the 90 runs he scored

Comment by Paul

Thanks – it’s a comfort that I’m not alone. Sometimes I think I should calm down but I guess that’s what being a supporter is about. That penultimate over was inexplicable. No obvious plan and no bowling to it whatever happened – plus the four byes and the fielders way out, allowing two runs. Perhaps they didn’t know that Foster would scamper quick runs – after all he’s not been playing long has he? Had we demonstrated a sensible plan, bowled to it as best we could, fielded well and still been beaten by a better side, I’d have been fine. No problem with losing that way in a thriller – but we looked clueless.

Comment by pompeypop

I know it’s a bit premature but in my calmer moods I try to record things unfolding for the end-of-season report which I might still need to write for the Handbook next year. So it might be appropriate, if again, rather depressing, to note that according to the BBC website, Hampshire this evening occupy the bottom position in all three competition tables – albeit that in the Championship they share last place with Surrey.

Comment by pompeypop

Surely the key positive was playing some of the youngsters – they won’t develop if they don’t get games. Hope it’s Wheal in for Andrew on Tuesday. The Championship is the real cricket, the T20 brings in the money, the 50 over job is where we can experiment

Comment by Ageas

Apart from the last three overs, a really enjoyable day.

If we had to de-register McClaren so as to sprinkle the Sloggit with a bit of Sammy stardust, is there a reason Afridi couldn’t have played, other than the way his deal was negotiated?

(Quite hard to keep up with the registration rules!)

Comment by Jeremy

I think Afridi probably does not wish to play in the 50 overs – or maybe we couldn’t afford him for that too … In broad terms I agree with the point about younger players, we turn too often to 30+ players who have been released by other counties, although some – Smith & Berg for example – do an excellent job. It troubles me however that we might see youngsters as the panacea, chucking them into a team that loses too often (four defeats in eight days). For example, I think Joe Weatherley is HUGELY promising and he’s bright enough to learn from last week at Middlesex, but I wonder quite what he’s ‘learning’ from that team and that dressing room right now.

Comment by pompeypop

Whilst I agree that we did somewhat throw the game away in the last 3 overs, we had done everything right in the previous 15 overs (with 116 needed off 18 overs by Essex with 9 wickets standing) before that to claw the game back. Ervine as stand in captain seems to have contributed to this defeat due to lack of knowledge of field placing’s for the bowlers he was using. However in addition, due to injuries, there was little variety in the bowling and we missed Wood and Topley as death bowlers along with McClaren due to the registration rules and possibly Tino Best (he would not have been needed to attempt to bat yesterday!). On the point about youngsters I agree the youngsters, playing them consistently before drafting in so many aging albeit experienced players from other counties, rather than using them as scapegoats to dig us out of a hole!Perhaps Brad Wheal should have played instead of Andrew or Stevenson as Stevenson only bowled 4 overs, and I agree we should be developing the The fielding I thought was top notch for the first 40 overs with several runs saved on the boundary and at least 3 Direct hits on the stumps. I know we have never failed to defend List A total of 310 before, but records are made to be broken and I feel there were extenuating circumstances as I have outlined above.

Comment by Martin

Thanks Martin, entirely reasonable. I was VERY grumpy!

Comment by pompeypop

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