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June 8, 2016, 8:32 pm
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Close, but not close enough. Very interesting to watch the game on TV – possible to see all kinds of things that are less clear live. The speed gun was fascinating – Tino got up to 90mph on a couple of occasions, otherwise David Griffiths who bowled really well (can we have him back?) was the quickest, while intriguingly Gareth Andrew was as quick as Coles and faster than Berg or Sammy. Berg’s bowling, as on Sunday, still looks short of ‘match sharpness’ to me and here’s an interesting question (try a guess): who is the only Hampshire bowler to take at least one wicket in all four T20 matches? (Answer in the Comment)

Andrew was unlucky to be run out but a couple of those dismissals were pretty poor. Ervine came good at last but his fifty is only the second for Hampshire in this year’s T20 (with just one more over 40). Kent’s total was the biggest ever by them against Hampshire and it was just too many – Edgbaston looking remote now or is there always hope?


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The answer is Gareth Andrew: 2-19, 1-15, 1-16, 1-25.

Comment by pompeypop

2010 lost 2 of first 3. Won the cup!
2012 Lost first two but won the cup again. Best I can come up with so would be uphill although I’m pretty sure we had runs of 3 defeats in 4 last two years but still got through.

Comment by Ian

Good stuff Ian!

Comment by Dave Allen

Griff has developed into a good death bowler. We chose Chris Wood a good and injury prone death bowler.
4 run outs not good.
I suspect we can’t lose many more and qualify although the rest of the group do defeat each other.

Comment by Paul

Griff has his own history of injuries though not too different from Wood

Comment by Ian

DG is a smashing guy (so too ‘Woody’) but often I think his own worst enemy. It was interesting that two Kent men Key and DB-D spoke about him on TV last night and called him “Sucks” because he “sucks the energy from a room” with a certain gloomy attitude. Yet I recall after the 2012 Lord’s Final he admitted he was in tears at winning that medal. These days we have sports psychs who are paid to solve such problems but apparently can’t.

Comment by pompeypop

I liked him a lot and chatted to him a bit in the Atrium so always keen to see him do well but understood why he was let go and glad he is still playing when he could so easily drifted out of the game.

Comment by Ian

In 2010, when we first won the T20 we actually lost 8 of our 19 games, including 3 of the first 5 so you never know. Mind you, am I longing for another ‘day out’ in Edgbaston? Answers on a postcard please …

Comment by Dave Allen

Won’t get the answer for onto a postage stamp Dave

Comment by Paul

Can anybody explain Sean’s strategy on bowling changes?
I was there and unable to explain it to my Kent friends – seemed odd to most of us. Also did not help in restricting the opening partnership.

Comment by Stephen Saunders

I think captaining T20s (and to a lesser extent 50 overs) is very difficult but to be somewhat ‘generous’ (?) I think Sean has the job as the senior player – a bit like Robin Smith in the past. I was equally bewildered by the field placing/bowling plans at the end of the Essex match on Sunday. However, he had at least three coaches there last night to set plans, two more Hants captains on the field and two international captains. (Too many cooks?)

Comment by pompeypop

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