Hampshire Cricket History

The Answer (yesterday)
June 8, 2016, 7:37 am
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John got it

Everyone of those (four) grounds – and eight pitches – was at the same venue, Merchant Taylors’ School. I reckon that’s probably more distinct ground (own pavilions, scoreboards, boundaries etc) than you’d find these days in the cities of Portsmouth or Southampton (?) – outside similar private schools.

I posted a photo a few days ago of kids playing Cage Cricket in the heart of Pompey. It’s one initiative that is trying to revive cricket for ordinary kids in inner cities. I’m now involved at the birth of another similar project but one that will try to get those kids into whites, on grass playing the traditional game. Meanwhile Cage will continue its sterling work, wherever it’s permitted.

PS: Having posted this, I opened an email with the attached photo of a Cage in Salford. In addition to getting kids playing the game, the numbering and colour coding help cross-curricular learning in diet, numeracy etc. and increasingly people and organisations across UK and indeed the world are persuaded of its value.

Salford Cage


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The Winchester College grounds have names (Doggers, Lords, Lavender Meads (New Field), Meads, Gater 1, Gater 2 (Gater Field), Kingsgate). Are the OMT grounds individually named? If so, does anyone know what the one was called that Hampshire played on last week?

Comment by Bob Elliott

Yes Bob (cheers): The Arctic

Comment by pompeypop

I thought I’d ask . .

Dear Bob,

We don’t have a name for the ground as such. We call it the ‘1st XI’ ground, although it is a nice idea to have a name for the ground!

I will ask the ground staff to see if it has ever been called a name and will let you know if I’m wrong.


Tom Webley | Head of Cricket & Assistant Head of Lower School

Comment by Bob Elliott

And yet their alumni list isn’t exactly chock-a with ex Middlesex or England players?

Comment by Jeremy

Nor despite those wonderful facilities Winchester College Jeremy (or indeed Portsmouth Grammar School). I suspect we have more county cricketers these days from Natal Secondary Modern ….

Comment by pompeypop

Not permitted at the Ageas Bowl then.

Comment by Paul

(Sadly) I think the phrase is ‘no comment’ …

Comment by pompeypop

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