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June 17, 2016, 6:35 pm
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The Hailstorm through the open door


And through the (right side of) the window




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Didn`t get any in Pompey !!! On a more serious note is a P45 needed for anyone ?

Comment by Brian.JS

I drove from a soaking Ageas Bowl to around Fareham where the dry roads appeared and persisted into Pompey BUT only until I got to the middle of the island – then it seemed to me it had poured here too but maybe not a hailstorm with thunder?

Comment by pompeypop

This is copied from my post on the club’s Facebook page : Admittedly the rain was heavy but it didn’t last long, and we have often played after such a shower before. The fault lay with the ground-staff in not getting the covers on in time. I mentioned this to the committee member on the desk in the Atrium and he said that the shower was not expected and was not on the rainfall radar, which the ground-staff monitor constantly. However, this was not correct – I have looked at the radar for the relevant time and it clearly shows a heavy shower approaching. This is the sort of inefficiency which alienates the public. I don’t get a refund as I’m a member but I wasted an hour’s drive each way from the north of the county. Sussex understandably are not happy either and I understand from my contacts there that they may well make an official complaint which could lead to us having points deducted for an unfit pitch. All this could have been avoided.

Comment by Tim Driscoll

I am disgusted that you are blaming the ground staff for inefficiency. I was at the ground, and with others, had been monitoring the weather forecasts. The storm that we encountered was not expected. I have been a member for at least 25 years and do not recall a downpour of hail as severe as today at cricket in all those years. It is very disappointing for all that the game was abandoned but HOW DARE YOU blame the ground staff.

Comment by John West

I’m afraid I don’t agree – and if you see my reply to Dave below you will see that the head groundsman has admitted liability to the Sussex captain and apologised.

Comment by Tim Driscoll

Kevan James on BBC tweeted that the covers weren’t on/took time to appear. I was in the Atrium and after taking a number of photos over a good few minutes I went to look at the ground and I was surprised that the large flat ground covers were only just going out. Someone told me that water had got on to the pitch itself but I’m not sure whether that’s so or indeed how he knew that. I guess if there is a case to be answered, it will be pursued but I know nothing more at present.

Comment by pompeypop

There are quite a few comments on Twitter. Adrian Harms of BBC Sussex has tweeted a photo of a very wet pitch end and added: “This was the damage to the wicket, covers simply not on fast enough”. There’s another comment attributed to Luke Wright suggesting the groundstaff were ‘caught out’. The Comments can be seen on the following Twitter addresses: @SussexCCC and @BBCSussexSport.

Comment by pompeypop

Dave, the BBC South late news quoted the Sussex captain Luke Wright, for whom I have a lot of time, as saying that the head groundsman had apologised to him and admitted that he had got it wrong. I fear that there might be repercussions for Hampshire.

Comment by Tim Driscoll

I now see that BBC Radio Solent have announced on Twitter that Luke Wright has said Sussex intend to claim the full 2 points. Kevan James made the point earlier when interviewing Giles White that if this had happened elsewhere with Hampshire as visitors, then Hampshire would not have been happy. Remember the unfit pitch at Cardiff last year.

Comment by Tim Driscoll

Not too sure last night and Cardiff last year are comparable. Quite different circumstances.
And in any case would the outfield have been safe to play on?

Comment by Paul

Seems cut and dried then ( scuse the pun ).Didn`t look on facebook as Tim quoted but Twitter looks very convincing with relevant comments from calm sensible people. I for one saw the offending blob on a radar site. The trouble with showers is that you see a clear area one minute and the next it builds up pretty quickly, however there is always some notice before dropping a bucket load. Trying to think if Nigel G had any similar experiences.Guess it`s going to be one of those years the club won`t want to look back on. Never mind it`ll soon be winter as the nights get darker next week, should mean some better weather !!

Comment by Brian.JS

The only observation I can make about the forecast/radar is that I was sat with Committee man Simon Young at around 4.30 after a brief, quite heavy shower. He had a weather radar App which he checked and told me that was it for the night – fine weather to follow. I guess – as with newspaper forecasts – it’s possible that different Apps forecast different things? Maybe our groundstaff had the wrong one? Whatever, about an hour later, down it came.

Comment by pompeypop

Not being there and not wanting to criticise anyone but with showers about (even if not forecasted to hit the ground) wouldn’t it have been sensible to put the covers on in the lead up to the game?

Comment by James

Dave, sorry to prolong the agony, but can I add a few facts, and an opinion or two, from – literally – a different perspective.
I arrived early at the game, staying in a pitch view room in the Hilton.
– the covers were on, but were removed not that long before the storm. You would expect them to be removed a while before the game so that the pitch did not ‘sweat. It looked to be a fine evening
– the covers were removed (by this time I was on the roof terrace from where I had a good view of what was happening). I can’t comment on what the radar or radar(s) might have said, but subsequent comments on my Facebook page have made it clear that the storm was incredibly localised: ’15 mins from the ground’, Woolston, Bitterne, Grange Park, Lordswood, Chandlers Ford – all no rain (a few other friends of friends commented ‘No rain here either’, but I don’t know where they live, presumably local
– the pitch was covered and the run ups also before the rain became impossibly hard
– they then attempted to drag on one of the big covers, but the weight of water and hail stones meant that they got half way and couldn’t shift it further. I have never seen that happen on any cricket ground – it was a huge weight of water and they simply couldn’t move it
– subsequently it emerged that there was water on the popping crease at the Northern end which made it impossible to continue: the bowlers would not have got a foothold
Those are facts.
Unlike you, Dave (!), I have made a mistake at work: I was once on the Board of a QUANGO, and said at a meeting that something I had decided previously was wrong. I always remember a colleague saying “That’s the first time ever that I’ve ever heard someone admit a mistake on this, or any other, Board”
Now for the opinions:
– the mistake that was made was that, in struggling with the sheet cover, they took their eyes off the pitch covers, and either they were not joined together properly, or, more likely, the hoses which would normally run the water onto the sheet covers overflowed on to the pitch
– because the square doesn’t drain like the outfield, and because it was physically impossible to get the sheet covers on, much of the rest of the square was saturated, and probably would have made the ground unplayable anyway.
Yes, in hindsight, we can all see that, but that doesn’t mean that when you’re battling the heaviest rain I’ve ever seen on a cricket ground (and I’ve sat through a few wet days in the last 55 years), and you are trying to use all your physical strength to move a recalcitrant cover, you can be expected to have eyes in the back of your head.
A great shame for all the reasons that others have given, but these things happen. And I won’t get a refund, because I am a member, and I won’t get the cost of my hotel room back, nor the cost of my petrol driving to and from London, nor 8 hours of my life. So I am disappointed, but not angry, and not out to point the finger. As you have said eloquently in a subsequent post, Dave, these things need to be put in perspective.

Comment by Ageas

Excellent stuff and many thanks. Very clear and factual.

Comment by pompeypop

Very informative and clear Ageas.

I would add one more opinion about this (and just about every other) event – don’t give any heed to anything written on Twitter!

Comment by James

And the ECB say – ‘No negligence, no penalty’

Comment by Ageas

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