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Luke Wright
June 17, 2016, 8:42 pm
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His observations about today’s abandonment


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There are comments from Giles White on the Hampshire site which seem to take a rather different view – more supportive of the ground staff. The thing that strikes me is that once again the Ageas Bowl has copped the full force of bad weather – it’s so often the eye of any storm and has been for years, maybe since we moved there?

Comment by Dave Allen

Dave, I don’t know whether you remember, but back in the 90s, when the venue was first talked about, a weather expert (I can’t remember his name) said that the location was particularly prone to rain. I can’t remember why – it may have been something to do with being on rising ground. Anyway, he was ignored!

Comment by Tim Driscoll

Perhaps not surprising he was ignored when we were donated the site for free.

Comment by Ian White

I had no idea about that Tim. Ian’s point might well be true (!) but it doesn’t surprise me. I seem to report endlessly on trips from a soaking wet Bowl to the dry M27 by Fareham and beyond. One classic was the Saturday of our first-ever Test with endless interruptions while Portsmouth played all day on Southsea seafront. If it’s correct, we’re stuffed. I can’t see us moving again!

Comment by pompeypop

Although in contrast to that there were plenty of downpours around the area on Wednesday & those of us lucky enough to be watching that match stayed completely dry. These isolated showers/deluges are very hit & miss much like a run out!

I try, as far as possible, to stay optimistic and still smile when things aren’t perfect. I managed that for most of last evening until I started listening to & reading reaction about the abandonment.

We are all passionate about the game and I know the match is billed as the biggest event of our summer but I was so disappointed that without time to assess the situation people were already calling for heads to roll.

Dave’s most recent post adds some perspective……we missed some entertainment & some suffered some inconvenience but at the end of the day we all made it back home to our loved ones.

Comment by joster69

Given the drenching received by the outfield it quite possible the match would have been abandoned without the pitch damage .

Comment by Paul

And the ECB say – ‘No negligence, no penalty’

Comment by Ageas

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