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The Day that the Rains Came
June 18, 2016, 6:21 am
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Well hail actually.

I never talk party politics on here and I won’t now. I hold fairly strong political convictions, I’ve been a member of a political party for about 40 years and I think the choice facing this country this week is enormous. The way the debate has been conducted (by both sides) has been as vile as anything I’ve ever encountered in politics (mirrored in some key ways by football fans in Europe). Then on Thursday, Jo Cox MP was murdered. I didn’t know her or much about her, but I found it, in context, almost heartbreaking. On Monday the politicians of this country will unite in paying tribute to her. By Friday, which ever way the vote goes, this country will be feuding again and it might well be savage.

In that context I feel the need to say (with complete apologies and respect if you disagree) that I could not give a damn whether what happened last night at the Ageas Bowl was someone’s faultIt rained very hard – no it didn’t there was a savage hailstorm with rumbles of thunder – and it seemed to come (almost?) out of nowhere. As a consequence someone perhaps made a mistake. In my working life I never made one of course (!) but if people think he should be sacked let’s make sure that those casting the first stone are without sin.

It was a cricket match. It was very wet. It was abandoned. In the past two days, five of the 11 scheduled T20 matches have been abandoned and The Times reports that Bookies have stopped taking bets on this being the wettest June ever. Maybe the sky is crying for Jo Cox. Maybe it’s crying for this country.

It was a cricket match – that’s all. If it matters that much, give Sussex the points and chuck Hampshire out of the competition. I don’t care – there are far more important things to worry about.

In case you missed it – if you disagree, that’s absolutely fine and if you feel in any way offended by these remarks, my apologies.

Brendan Cox (Thursday): ” “Jo believed in a better world and she fought for it every day of her life with an energy, and a zest for life that would exhaust most people … She would have wanted that we all unite to fight against the hatred that killed her. Hate doesn’t have a creed, race or religion, it is poisonous.”

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You’re right Dave, Shankly got it wrong all those years ago.

Comment by Paul

It was a great quote Paul – but as you say, he was wrong

Comment by pompeypop

Well said, Dave – you have put things in perspective. However, I do stand by my comments while emphasising that I have never said anyone should be sacked over this – unlike some people on the Facebook page and elsewhere. As you say, we all make mistakes. It is just frustrating that this has happened. Maybe it’s a sign of a possible air of lethargy at the Club – remember that we have also lost three Championship points for a slow over rate and at least once we have come very close to giving penalty runs away for the same reason in the T20. Anyway I completely agree with your comments about the state of political debate at the moment and, like you and everyone else, I am devastated by the death of Jo Cox, whose politics and general view of life I share. It is fine to have strong views about things but they must be expressed with courtesy and respect, as they were by Jo – perhaps her tragic death will make people stop and think before resorting to unpleasantness.

Comment by Tim Driscoll

I think you have every right to make those observations about “lethargy” Tim – I think there is still that suspended ‘naughty boys’ threat too. There’s no room for complacency and if there was a fault yesterday that needs dealing with but it should never be a sacking and as you say people were raising such thoughts. I felt exactly the same about Glams’ groundsman last year although as has been suggested, I think that case was different. Many thanks.

Comment by pompeypop

How on earth do you manage to get into gear at such early hours Pompey P, I`m a night owl and am not far short of hitting the sheets at 6.21am ! Very non-commital your comments, as fitting for a man of your position, I have two observations. Firstly, it`s a quirk of our species that we feel a situation more acceptable if a finger can be pointed for blame (with more often than not a case of “slopey shoulders” accompanying the witch hunt).A bit like why we express verbal expletives when hitting our thumb when a “golly gosh” would serve the same purpose. I dare say a few people muttered the latter last evening ? I guess aportioning blame can help instigate another all-too-frequently-heard quote of “lessons learned”, if and when applicable !
My second point refers to my last quote and your mention of the murder of Jo when I dare say we`ll hear lessons learned yet again, however, very sad though her loss of life is, I can`t help but find myself muttering words to our politicians of “welcome to the real World”. I have no statistics at hand but imagine this sad situation happens every week somewhere in our sick society whilst parliament merrily debate “important” issues like economic cut backs. The economy is irrelevant when compared to a life and the “quality of our life” is a major issue to be considered when we vote, yet it seems an unimportant issue to some campaigning MP`s.
My thoughts are for Jo and the life she had cut short irrespective of whether she was an MP, a cricketer, waitress or housewife !
Life without cricket or other sports would to many seem unbearable, but they are games, an occupation of spare time for most of us and I dare say we all found something different to do last evening.

Comment by Brian.JS

Don’t forget the time that shows is GMT not BST. I just woke up with noises in my head. They’ve gone now. Thanks for all these Comments

Comment by pompeypop

Very well said Dave. I couldn’t agree more.

Comment by James

Could not agree with you more. Great piece Dave

Simon Young Managing Director Cage 4 All CIC

Tel : 07547 003352 http://www.cage4all.org

Comment by Simon Young

Excellent stuff.

Comment by Ageas

And the ECB say – ‘No negligence, no penalty’

Comment by Ageas

Hooray. Cheers all

Comment by Dave Allen

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